Announce Your Lovely Upcoming Wedding With Modern Indian Wedding Cards

Modern Indian Wedding Cards

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Wedding cards are the means for communicating information about an upcoming wedding. Couples take pride in selecting or creating a card that has the best features, design and style elements to send a lovely message about their wedding to both family and friends.

Though the traditional card design is the one that is most important, couples are now seeking modern card styles, one that blends with the contemporary environment of their lives. Today modern wedding card designs are inspirational creations, inclusive of the most interesting patterns and color combinations that have hitherto been unseen in card shops.

Why Opt For A Modern Indian Wedding Cards?

It takes a lot of ingenuity to make a beautiful wedding card. Some cards are plain and simple, while other are complex, giving a combination of various elements all of which go together to make a lovely impact.

However, along with more complexity comes a heavy price. Indian weddings are known for their lavishness and couples do not compromise when it comes to the cost of the card. You can find them opting for large, beautifully decorated and heavily stylized modern Indian wedding cards that reflect the trends of today’s times. Here is a look at the top reasons for selecting a wedding card with a modern design:

  • They make a lovely impact when they are opened and viewed
  • Information inside the card is given in a fabulous layout taking viewers through a quick tour of what will happen during various rituals of the wedding day
  • Various types of customizations to an elaborately designed card adds to the effect of the card
  • They can be printed on various types of paper textures as well as fabric
  • 3 D imagery and photos can also be affixed to the card to enhance their grandeur

Indian Wedding Cards

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A wedding card shop will have various types of card designs from which you can find out what is most suitable for your needs. With a lovely cad, there is so much that can be communicated to family and friends. You can show your preference for style and design, as well as display your love about the upcoming wedding event to all around you.

While many people select a traditional wedding card because it is best for informing close friends and family members about their wedding, couples are now also choosing cards in the most modern designs and coloring effects. It is an indication of what people want in today’s times. These are sent usually to friends, office collogues and other people in the family. Some couples also send cards in two designs to everyone.

Wedding cards come in all sizes and effects. With a modern design you will get a stylish card that sends across the message of your upcoming wedding in the loveliest way. It will have a glossy finish and with so many options on card material, you can easily opt for a texture that is both luxurious and practical in displaying the card design.

Choose A Charming Asian Wedding Invitation Cards

Asian Wedding Invitation Cards

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Are you settled abroad and wondering whether you will get your traditional wedding card there? Worry not, for you will get a plethora of traditional Indian and other cards online at various sites. These sites are popular for traditional Indian wedding cards and just convey your requirements and you will get samples delivered at your door step. This is a best way to get the cards as you need not travel long distances to get the card.

You will yearn to follow your rituals and traditions more when you are abroad. So you will always look for avenues to get your cards printed pertaining to your regional preferences. Asian wedding invitation cards are different from cards of other regions as these cards are colourful and they do not confine to certain set formats. Cards elsewhere are simpler and subtle and they do not believe in printing cards in dark colours.

Asian Wedding Invitation Cards: Colourful And Attractive

Asian community in particular loves to get their cards printed as per their tastes. Some dedicated sites have samples of these cards. You can get cards in red, purple, yellow, green, grey and what not. A mix and match of colours with white background or cards in handmade paper all make the cards different from others. There can be striking contrast to the cards and the envelope. Customize your own card and let it speak about your taste.

Floral cut cards or cards with flowers printed, die cut cards, cards with laces, artistic cards, vintage style cards, cards with bows are very popular among Asians. Indian cards usually have religious symbols and verses from the Holy Scriptures. These cards can be printed even in foreign soil as many dealers deal only with Asian cards. You can choose from a plethora of designs and choose the best among Asian marriage invitation cards.

Asian Wedding Invitation

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Asian Marriage Invitation Cards: Different From The Rest

Three fold cards or cards with two fold are available. To make a simple twofold card white card attractive you can tie a bigger bow in contrast colour in the envelope. These cards are available in different sizes. You can also choose a different size not conforming to the conventional sizes. Cards in the shape of a flower and star fish are popular. Carved sides are also popular and you can choose a flower carving or a peacock carving.

Scroll wedding cards though costly are trending nowadays as it has a regal touch to it. Some of the flowers printed on the cards are cherry blossoms, oriental blossoms, rose frame and velvet petals. These flowers are printed in colour and they are attractive. Muslim, Sikh and Hindu wedding cards are available. Asian wedding invitation cards can be chosen from sites or from some manufacturers. Some of the other trends in the cards are with regard to using the printing style and font sizes.

Pop up cards and cards with photographs of the bride and groom are also getting popular. Hindu cards usually have pictures of the gods and the royal procession. Muslim cards have religious symbols printed on them. Embossed cards and die cut cards are always in demand. Asian marriage invitation cards are much in demand among the Asians settled abroad.

Buy Indian Wedding Invitations Online At Just The Click of a Mouse

Buy Indian Wedding Invitations Online

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A wedding is a beautiful union of two hearts that come together as one. Friends and families of the beloved gather on this auspicious day to bless the couples and take part in a variety of events. In India, weddings are hosted in a grand manner with lots of celebrations, songs, parties and food. The first thing that makes a wedding a grand success is the invitation. Hence, proper planning is necessary if you wish to find the best wedding card online.

Nowadays, couples need not worry about hosting a last-minute wedding as there are easy ways to plan. Firstly, you can buy Indian wedding invitations online without even leaving the comfort of your home/office. Not only this, you can also surf through a wide array of cards and filter them according to your requirements. Some sites also provide wedding cards that can be customized to suit the specific needs of an individual.

Buy Indian Wedding Invitations Online and Save a Fortune

Those who wish to conduct their wedding without scorching a hole in their pocket can opt for online cards. They are similar to the cards that you get at the stores, but they come at a lower price. Further, you get to choose from a wide array of options that are not available at regular stores. One of the main reasons why people love to buy Indian wedding invitations online is the convenience factor. At just the tender touch of a mouse button, you can buy cards and get them delivered to your home right away! Before buying cards online, do keep in mind the following points.

Buy Indian Wedding Invitations

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  • Order Samples Before Purchasing:

Getting a sample card before buying is indeed a smart move as you can not only save money, but also avoid disappointments later on. You can get as many cards as you like and then choose the one that will suit your budget.

  • Check the Price:

One of the major problems with couples is that they order the cards without fixing the budget. This will lead to issues as the price may exceed the expected rate and finally you will have to settle down for an inexpensive card. This is one of the things to consider when you purchase Indian marriage cards online. Checking the price beforehand and planning accordingly can help solve a lot of issues.

  • Keep Track of Your Guest List:

This is one of the steps that you need to have in mind when you buy cards. When you purchase Indian marriage invitations online ensure that you get only the actual number of cards you require. To make this happen, you need to get the guest list and crosscheck. This will help you save a lot of unwanted wastage of cards.

Purchase Indian Marriage Cards Online At Just a Mouse Click

Buying trendy Indian cards online is no longer a cumbersome task, thanks to the Internet. The web is bombarded with many wedding sites that offer a fantastic array of colorful cards that range from scroll cards to box cards, handmade cards to RSVP cards and the list keeps going! So check out some of the best cards online and get ready to wow your guests!

Progression Of Magnificent Hindu Wedding Card: Choose The Best Online!

Hindu Wedding Card

                                                                Hindu Wedding Card

A Hindu wedding is Vivaha or “Kalyanam” or “Madhuve” and the wedding service is called Vivaah Sanskar in North India and Kalyanam or Madhuve in South India. Hindus join a lot of significance to relational unions. The functions are extremely beautiful, and festivities may stretch out for a few days.

Hindu Wedding cards or solicitations trademark Hindu marriage ceremonies and traditions which are caught with endless holding, fondness and gift. The luxurious customs are highlighted with extravagantly hued Hindu wedding solicitations stylishly planned in handcrafted paper and outlines improved with heart-felt feelings.

Hunt down the best Hindu Wedding Card supplier!

The principal thing that you should do is, discover a decent supplier who bargains in wedding cards. There you will get great number of choices with respect to material, plan and substance. You ought to pay special attention to the best seller and for that you should start your pursuit on the web. You can even inquire as to whether they have any contacts. In the event that they do then you can look at such choices as well. Yet, you should begin paying special mind to the wedding cards ahead of time. This is on account of; the whole procedure takes some time.

Once you’re done finding the apt retailer, here are some the useful tips you can do:

You must advise the supplier to demonstrate to you the specimens of Impressive Hindu Wedding Card. This will help you in settling on the right choice.

You must converse with the supplier and printer about the occasions that you are organizing. This will help in knowing with respect to how the whole substance must be set. When you are giving the card for printing, you ought to be prepared with the right timings and subtle elements of venue for the wedding.

You ought to be particular about what plan you need on the card and in the event that you need the photograph of Lord Ganesha on the envelope and on the card.

Generally, the cards ought to have appropriate wordings and humble words so that the visitors can decipher the card properly.

Hindu Wedding Card Invitation

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Things to know while finalizing a design for Hindu wedding card

The printing techniques utilized as a part of printing wedding welcome cards have seen a radical change with innovative headway. As the welcome wording and outline indicate the wedding style, in the same way the printing procedure picked will passes on how formal the entire wedding function is. The sort printing procedure chose will likewise bigly affect the wedding spending plan, and it will help in picking the outline and paper sort. With the accessibility of elevated requirement printing systems, Hindu wedding cards can be printed by differing techniques like rushing, decorating, hot foil stamping, laser cuttings, raised silk screen printing, counterbalance Printing, Letterpress, Thermography, Engraved Wedding Invitations and numerous more to give another multidimensional look to Hindu welcome cards. So everything relies on upon what sort of look is sought and what is the dispensed spending plan for it.

The way the card is planned matters a considerable measure. Hindu cards are for the most part all around finished and they have astonishing emblazoned outlines with sparkle. In any case, contingent on the spending you can make choice of the configuration.

The mechanical headway and developed enthusiasm for smooth wedding has offered ascend to selecting differing sorts of papers for Wedding invitation cards. Hindu wedding cards are additionally outlined according to the wedding topic. The lady of the hour and man of the hour look for extraordinary wedding festivity, so topic based weddings around the world has seen a colossal ascent. Wedding is currently the best take off platform to demonstrate the world how remarkable a marriage festivity can be, for case, Hollywood marvelousness subject, the medieval topic, modern topic, ethnic topic based wedding.

What’s Special About Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards?

Hindu Wedding Invitation

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In Hindu culture, marriages are seen as bond not only for this particular life, yet for all lives. Similar the Hindu society, Hindu marriages are also a sign of religious traditions and customs. A Hindu marriage is a three to five days long function with a lot of entertaining rituals and functions. The Hindu marriage invitations also tend to symbolize the same holy spirit of Hindu tradition.

The Hindu marriage invitations are enriched with many religious motifs and signs which are regarded auspicious and sacred for a marriage function. Aside from being eye-catching and enchanting, these patterns and designs have spiritual as well as religious importance. Besides, they also develop the elegant of Hindu marriage invitations. Here are some factors of regarding the Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards that you need to consider. Let’s have a look.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards – Factors to Consider

Intricate work:

Intricate detailing will be seen on these Hindu invitations, creating the design patterns on the invitation a quality blend of artistic elegance and style. Now a day, letterpress wedding invitations are quite in the fashion. This style matches Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards due to the intricate designing and detailing innate in it.

Exquisite Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards designs:

Many invitations carry typical designs from classic Indian art which was has been seen in earlier Indian palaces. Few of these designs are even noticed on Indian sarees, the traditional dress of women. Patterns could contain designs of peacocks, leaves or peacock feathers, to name a few instances.

Color combinations:

Hindu wedding invitations are very vibrant. In fact, it’s common to notice certain combinations emerging and coming back in these cards. For example, saffron, yellow, turmeric, cream, gold, and red are recurring shades as they specify plenty and happiness. It’s said that the latest design patterns also merge white with green or red to give breathtaking designs. Conclusively, traditional Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards are as vibrant and varied as Indian landscape itself.


Hindu wedding invitations in general along Indian cards in particular look very rich. In some instances, intricate designing’s are merged with rich shades to give this effect. But in many cases, Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards may be decorated with decorations items like mirror work, peacock feathers, Kundan stones and so on.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards | Image Resource : 

Various elements of Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards


Turmeric represents purity, auspicious and happiness beginning of the sacred event. In Hindu tradition, the Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards are first done marking with turmeric and then sent out to the visitors. The groom and the bride are also enhanced with turmeric to make them completely pure before the marriage function. It has religious uses, and medicinal ability and the yellow shade of Haldi is the sign of devotion in Hindu wedding.

Chawal and sindoor:

Chawal and sindoor are regarded highly promising in the Hindu tradition. In Hindu marriage, marriage invitations are marked with chawal and sindoor and offered to a deity to create the wedding blessed and holy. The red shaded sindoor signifies the beginning of a holy function and white shaded chawal signifies purity, innocence, and peace.

Lord Ganesha:

It’s regarded as a deity of education and wealth. In this culture, the Lord Ganesha is honored first to eliminate all the obstructions and hurdles before beginning an auspicious function like a wedding. Due to this reason, Lord Ganesha is utilized on the Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards, with the belief that the god Ganesha will create the marriage successful and hurdle free.

Tips To Find Beautiful Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards

A good marriage invitation company blends the finest of modern and tradition convenience. It packages anew motifs tha you’ll find at the local store and delivers them in the timely and smart way. You get an invitation in a classic design pattern, printed utilizing the finest items and delivered properly at your doorstep, therefore saving your precious times at the printers. For this reason, why many people is choosing the availability of a best online invitation company.

When it’s the matter of an invitation company, you want to obtain an invitation that’s designed according to holy customs in which marriage are to be held. At quality Invitation Company, you can make out invitation designs which symbolize all the main Indian traditional from Hindu to Christian, to Sikh, to Islamic. The company ensures that the classic motifs of theses divinity are symbolized in their specific invitations.