Hassle Free Ways To Book Your Train Ticket Online!

One of the major concerns of people while planning a trip, is the availably of tickets. Once the destination is finalized the effort to book tickets start. Getting availability of preferred trains is really difficult, especially if travelling during the peak season then getting preferred booking is slightly difficult.

Being one of the biggest rail networks of the world, Indian Railways connects a large number of destinations throughout the country, which can be reached with utmost comfort.

The first step naturally is getting your tickets booked and confirmed, which can easily be done through the IRCTC app. With changing times and developments in technology the Indian railways have started their own app which allows passengers to book tickets online. This train tickets booking app is a very easy and user friendly way of booking train tickets online.

Thus to book tickets all you have to do is log on to the IRCTC app and sign up as a new user. In case you have already registered, you just need to log in and start your online ticket booking.

Train Ticket Online

Online Train Ticket Booking App

Book Your Ticket Through Online Train Ticket Booking App In Few Simple Steps

Booking train tickets online is a very simple process. Passengers just have to choose the station of origin and the station of destination. Once that is done, passengers need to choose whether they want to do a normal train booking, or a Tatkal booking or a ladies quota booking.

A list of trains plying through the route with options to choose from for travel classes is given with their arrival at the destination and departure at source online. Passengers can choose each option and check for the availability of seats and the current booking status. After choosing the preferred option, passengers can finalize their train booking by entering their details and paying online.

Along with the ticket booking, these online train ticket booking app also offers several other services such as checking the PNR status online, cancel/reschedule tickets, check the availability of the trains etc. There is also a facility for passenger to make flight and hotel booking on the app.

With the online train ticket booking apps there is no need for passengers to wait in long queue. In case a particular train is booked full or is not available then passengers can easily check for other options on the app itself.