Express your Momo love at Wok Express in Kemps Corner

Kemps Corner is a prime location in the city of Mumbai in India. It is known for its luxurious neighborhood facilities made available for the general public, especially the ones belonging to the high-end society. The area consists of an exclusive shopping area to complement the upscale residential colonies situated in the same. The eating joints in Kemps Corner are of an elegant class and known for their food all over the city.

Chinese Restaurants in Kemps Corner


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Among the restaurants which offer services and food in great quality, the most popular ones include the Chinese restaurants in Kemps Corner. Some of these eating joints have their business branches in more than 20 locations across the city of Mumbai. However, relishing the delectable food they serve in their eateries at Kemps Corner provides a completely different feel due to the nature of the location.

Chinese Cuisine for its Dumplings

How can one never come across dumplings irrespective of the fact whether they love or not, Chinese food? This category of the tasty dishes served in a Chinese cuisine could often be found even on the streets. Yes, the dumplings that you would be served by a street vendor would be great too. But the elegance adds on to the taste when you eat the same at a Chinese restaurant in a location like Kemps Corner.

Get varied momos at Veg Chinese Restaurant only

Did you know that dumplings are also known as momos? Or rather, did you also know that momos could be actually called as dumplings? If you answered a yes to any of these questions, then you would also be aware of the fact that momos are available in not only the non-vegetarian versions but also in any veg Chinese restaurant as well. You would never get an assorted crunchy veg momo on the streets, would you?

Yummy momos from Non-Veg Chinese Restaurant

The aroma of non-veg dumplings can be exclusively relished only from the assorted range of such momos served at a non-veg Chinese restaurant. Wok Express in Kemps Corner is one such eatery in the location, which offers unique and tasty dishes in this category of the cuisine. You would be able to buy delightful non-veg dumplings only from such a great restaurant. After all, not every day you would come across crunchy chicken momos with sweet, cheesy and tangy sauce!