Check Out The List Of Schools In Bangalore With Contact Details

List of Schools in Bangalore with Contact Details

As it is a matter of tension for the parents that in which school they should admit their children, they should get some relief and this article is meant for them. There are a huge number of schools in every city offering education. The question is how they can know that which is better and which one should they choose. In Bangalore especially, there are many schools of high standards which are famous and are working very hard to provide better education.

In this article, we have tried to provide a list of schools in Bangalore with contact details so that it can prove to be helpful. Out of several schools we have selected a few. All the schools in Bangalore have resulted in development of the education system there.

List of schools in Bangalore with contact details

There are many schools in Bangalore. Here we have shortlisted few of them.

• Inventure Academy- this is an international school located in Whitefield, Bangalore and is at the outskirts of the city. It has a great education facility and has achieved great success by efficiently teaching the students over the years.
Contact no- 080 2782 2101

• Bangalore International School- it is another international school and the first international school which was established in the city. Founded in 1969, it has provided great education facilities and is definitely a top school of the city.
Contact no- 080 2846 5060

• Stonehill International School- it is a school which is from nursery to high secondary and is advanced in this field. It is highly acknowledged and the number of students is about 500. Located in JalaHobli Bangalore North, it is a great institute to study.
Contact no- 080 4341 8300

• Cluney convent- this is a very famous school comprising of nearly 2500 students. It is located in Malleshwaram and is a great school to be in.
Contact no- 080 2334 6536

• Baldwin Boys High School- it is a very old school of the city and is also a famous one. This school for boys is highly disciplined and among the top schools.
Contact no- 080 2221 1981

All these schools are very famous and also of a high standard and offer education facility which is commendable. So the parents looking for list of schools in Bangalore with contact details should try them and they are bound to feel satisfied with these names.

Take a leaf out of the chapter called Mandatory Vacation!

Weekend Destinations near Bangalore

Often when work makes life hectic, all that people can think of relieving stress for the time being is through making pleasure trips. Some people go for vacations outside the country while some prefer to explore the domestic tourist destinations. Of course only if one is highly wealthy would they be able to go on frequent holidays in foreign countries.

The City of Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru as it is otherwise known as is a beautiful city in the country of India. It is the capital of the southern state called Karnataka. It is also known as the Garden City because of the way the concerned authorities have taken initiative to preserve the natural beauty of the planet in this part of the world. The greenery across the city is also complemented with huge industrial structures as well.

Stress and Relief

The high number of companies located in this city enables several opportunities of employment to people from all over the world and especially for the Indian citizens. However, as the developments in the city increase, so do the hectic lifestyle of people residing in the various locations of this city. Stress levels increase with the advancements happening in and around the location.

With pressure nagging from all sides including work and home, it becomes a necessity that people of this city should go on trips to destinations around the place. When the distance is considerably lesser, it is easier for them to make such journeys on the weekends. Such plans relieve stress off the shoulders of the people and make them active again to face the next coming challenging weeks.

Spotting Weekend Destinations near Bangalore

It is not just the people living in Bangalore who can go on trips to the locations closer to the city of course. Even the part of population in the nearby cities and other locations of the country can make such plans. Weekend destinations near Bangalore would include a list of resorts, waterfalls, trekking spots, beaches, fruit picking farms and vineyards, rafting, nature camps, museums, sanctuaries, heritage monuments, etc.

Be the Best Parent for Your Child with Positive Parenting Tips

Good Parenting Skills

Once a parent, life undergoes changes. It would be nothing exact as what it was before having decided to conceive or adopt a child. However, although the honeymoon days might be halted for some time, it is not so that those days would never come back again. It is just that the need of the hour has to be the new set of priorities.

The Parental Influence

Becoming a parent is a turning point in not only the person’s life but also in that of the child in question. While providing the best care and affection to the offspring, it also should be noted that the guardians must possess good parenting skills to make the journey of parenthood much easier than expected. Most criminals could be observed to have been brought up under terrible parenting circumstances.

Even if you are a parent by blood relation or are a kind foster parent who lovingly decided to bring up a child who was abandoned in any way possible, the manner in which you portray your parenthood has a major influence over the future of the young ones. Hence, how you manage to grow your children plays an important role in their good upbringing.

Good Parenting Skills to a Brighter Future

The more a parent delays in getting experienced in understanding how to handle problems pertaining to parenthood, there is a higher risk of things getting out of control no sooner. This brings up the need for any parent to possess skills to lead a good parenthood. Tips and tricks to attain these skills could be available just anywhere- one just needs to look out for it and learn.

If you are able to bond with your child in such a way that he or she finds a confidante in you, half of your parenting problems get solved thus. You need to interact with other parents to understand how they deal with situations in which the kids become troublesome and there would be only time to answer to detentions from their school. Improve your parenting skills and bring up your child in the best manner.

Your Go-To Guide For An Adventurous Weekend Getaway

1 day outing in Bangalore

When it comes to Bangalore it definitely bears a testimonial to the suave culture of India. It is also filled with places where one could go for a one-day trip which becomes the perfect weekend getaway. The pleasant climate of Bangalore all year round makes it a great destination for tourists.

Check out where you can go for one-day outing in Bangalore

  • Nature camp, Kanakapura – Located at about 50kms from Bangalore this nature camp is the perfect place for people who is looking for a bit of adventure during the weekend. It is situated in the Banantimari Forest. What makes it such a great camping site is the fact that it is surrounded by forest on all side with a lake and a mountain in the close proximity to the camp. There are other adventurous activities that include rock climbing, canoeing, zip lining, etc
  • Ramanagaram – This is famously known as the Silk city of India because of all the cocoon and silk industries that are located in this city. This is a well-renowned place and a great place for one day outing in Bangalore. This is situated at about 50kms from Bangalore and is a great picnic spot with family and friends.
  • Kunti Betta – If you have never been on a night trek then pack your bags and head for it right now at Kunti Betta. This definitely can be one of the best weekend trips from Bangalore. The town of Pandavapura is encompassed by two large hills and overlooking the scenic Pandavapura Lake is where we find Kunti Betta. This place is situated at about 123 kms from Bangalore.
  • Nandi Hills – This place is about 60kms from Bangalore and is rather one of the most prominent places for a one day outing in Bangalore. This is the perfect place for a summer retreat since one can see a splendid sunset or sunrise from the top of these hills. This place is perfect for bird watching and photography since the forests located at these hills shelter many migratory birds throughout the year.
  • Savandurga – If you are looking for a place to have some adventure, then this is the perfect one for you. Located at about 50kms from Bangalore, this place is the perfect treat for the rock climbing enthusiast.

Enjoy Listening To Your Child’s Songs: Music Institute In Bangalore!

Summer vacations are right here and it is the time of the year when children can be put to some extra vocational classes. They will enjoy the classes as they do not have the exam and homework stress. Instead of wasting their time, children will love spending it usefully and when they develop an interest for these classes they can continue even after school reopens.

Learning music is one extracurricular activity which parents prefer as it can be started at an early age. The only criteria is that your child should show an interest for music and he or she should be able to understand instructions. Choose a good institute where children are taught well and choose an age appropriate class. Music is a great stress buster and children should love going to music class. Look out for a music teacher who deals patiently with children.

It can be vocal music or instrumental music. You can choose a good music institute in Bangalore. Some of the finest musical institutes in Bangalore are

Blue Timbre

It is run by musicians and you can put your child in this institute as your child will learn the fundamentals of music. Your child can learn guitar, drums, keyboard and western vocal. The student to teacher ratio is very low and children are provided with musical notes. You can opt for weekend classes if you like.

Music Institute In Bangalore

Music Institute In Bangalore | Image Resource :


The institute is run by musicians who are passionate about music and the fee is very nominal. Your kids can learn guitar, violin, drums, keyboard and Carnatic vocal. Children are nurtured with an interest to music by giving maximum exposure to music at the institute.

Maya Guitar Classes

If your child is intent on learning guitar then, send him to this institute as only 3 students are taught in a batch. The institute is manned by a well-known guitarist of Bangalore who has years of experience in this field. Children should be of five years to join the course and the course is split into beginners’ level, intermediate and advanced level. Material is also provided to the students.

So when you want your children to pursue music select Bangalore’s music institutes and let them bloom into good musicians.

Kids’ Educational Adventure is Spun from the Choices of the Parents!

Great beginnings, life- changing decisions are preferably made when the choices presented are varied and lot. From selecting schools to choosing a groom, parents by default have higher expectations, stricter demands, varied opinions and multiple limitations. School selection these days takes the top of the pyramid when the child is unborn and peacefully cocooned inside the mother.

This way ahead planning is very common in today’s society and the city of Bangalore is not an exception. IT and Telecommunication weaves the city a triumphing trail of success and thus occupation and settlements have crowded even the newly renovated suburbs. Families settle and the kids are given the wider horizon of exposure in Bangalore in more than just academic ways.

Bangalore’s Distribution of Schools is Indeed worth Exploring

The schools here also come with the wider greatness of paving ways and creating spotlights for students in many ways more than what the text book pages dictate. Such schools are dispersed throughout the city in and around, closer to the proximity of the hub of Bangalore. The list of schools in Bangalore area wise isn’t a one that can be skimmed through as so many entities are sure to be seen.

List Of Schools In Bangalore Area Wise

List Of Schools In Bangalore Area Wise | Image Resource :

The institutions are geographically populating the Sarajapur Road in the south- east side, Electronic City in the urban outskirts of the city, Marathahalli in the neighborhood and Kanakpura area. These IT hubs are all well connected among themselves and inside the metropolitan making school journeys and commutes very easy and accessible.

Supreme Education is the Pillar In All Schools Irrespective of the Location

Parents these days are very careful when it comes to safety and protection of their little ones. But it’s not a surprise that all the schools in Bangalore have quality education as their prime goal. Education is a citizen’s right and proving a decent one is the parents’ and society’s duty. While current happenings are taking a toll at the moral views of this idea, parents indeed are entitled to be careful while setting out to choose the best establishments for their kids.

Aim High For Your Kids With Top ICSE Schools In Bangalore!

Top ICSE Schools in Bangalore

School Education has undergone paradigm shift. Though intrinsically education imparted in schools remain the same, pedagogy and assessment tools have become more progressive and learner centric. If you are considering admitting your child to ICSE schools in Bangalore, there are different types of schools available.

If you are reading this blog, it denotes you wish to get your child admitted in one of the best ICSE schools. There is no scarcity of top ICSE schools in Bangalore but it is easy to get confused with the bounties of alternatives available. It is important to do appropriate research and then select the right school for your kid.

Have a look at the top ICSE schools

We shall have a look at the list of the top ICSE schools before going into the particulars about selecting the best school for your child.

  • Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School
  • Trio World Academy, Bangalore
  • Frank Anthony Public School (FAPS)
  • New Horizon Public School
  • Bethany High School
  • SorsFort International School
  • Bishop Cotton Girls’ School
  • Baldwin Boys’ High School
  • Greenwood High International School

Educating for better tomorrow- Top ICSE Schools In Bangalore

ICSE has an edge over CBSE, for the syllabus is better strategic, comprehensive, and organized. ICSE syllabus gives importance to analytical skills as well as imparts practical knowledge in students’ right from the beginning. Why most of them opt for Top ICSE Schools In Bangalore are because of the following reasons:

  • Progressive curriculum focuses on experimental learning and follows the belief that education is the process of living and is not meant for the preparation of future living is the underlined theme.
  • Helps and motivates the students in coping with difficult and challenging situations.
    Promotes artistic talents and fresh and innovative ideas.
  • Smooth functioning of schools and friendly management carves the way to totally streamline your kid’s future.
  • Opportunities are created within the classroom and outside it to give the students something to do, that demands thinking so that it naturally results in learning.
    Infrastructure and security of the child also plays a pivotal role.
  • Schools work towards gaining insight into your requirements and aspirations.

So using these guidelines you will be better prepared to select the best school for your kid. Enrol them in a school that will provide them education which will make them strive for the better and enjoy the accolades.

8 Helpful Tips For Moms To Travel With Babies In A Safe Manner

Tips for Parents

Babies are precious to all parents. Isn’t it? They are friends forever. If you are planning to travel all around with your baby, then it is really a great idea. It is high time to take care and give high attention towards your babies. There are times when it becomes necessary to travel with your baby.

Safety must be the first priority! You need to follow a few easy to follow tips to make the journey highly interesting. Below are some tips for parents that will make your journey highly comfortable:

1. Installation of window shades on car –

Each and every child enjoys journey by car. If you are on your way to take your child for a car ride, then you need to install detachable window shades. It will prevent your children from harsh sunlight. Harsh sunlight may affect the skin as well as eyes of your child.

2. Ensuring proper installation of baby car seat –

You need to make sure that the baby car seat has been installed properly. Also, it must be secured with seatbelts as well. Rather than installing baby car seat on front seat, it must be fixed on the back seat of the car.

3. Keeping the first aid kit in a handy position –

While on your way to travel, you must not forget about the first aid kit. It must be handy to serve the basic purpose. You may include nose drops, colic treatment, teething gel and medicines for fever like Paracetamol etc.

4. Booking a separate flight seat for your baby –

While on your way to travel in flight, it is advisable to book a separate seat for your child. It will let you and your child enjoy the journey at the best. Also it is recommended to use child safety restraint system on board.

5. Feeding your baby before and after landing –

Though flight journey is enjoyable, following some preventative measures will prevent all sorts of inconveniences. Feeding your child with light food items before boarding the flight and after taking-off falls among the vital tips for parents… It will prevent your child from falling ill.

6. Ensuring age of child before moving ahead for travelling –

Your baby must be at least three months old to travel in railway and flight. As babies are delicate, you need to make a strong decision prior planning your journey. Otherwise the whole journey will become monotonous with hardly any time for you.

7. Arranging a separate bag for children –

While on your way to pack your bags, you must pack a separate bag for your toddler. That particular bag may include toys, cartoon pictures and other enjoyable items. Those items will keep your child busy throughout the journey.

8. Being extra scrupulous with personal hygiene –

As a part of parental guide, you need to be extra scrupulous in terms of personal hygiene. It must be ensured that your children wash their hands before eating. It will prevent them from falling prey to traveler’s diarrhea.

Following these tips in a religious manner will definitely ensure a safe journey to both children and parents. Happy journey!

Things To Consider When Choosing Top Football Academy in Bangalore

Football Academy in Bangalore

Popularity of learning football in football institutions in Bangalore Popularity of learning football in football institutions in Bangalore

Parents and children are now becoming more aware of the benefits of playing sports. Playing sports helps the children to concentrate much better in their studies. Football has also been a popular choice as it compels children to have a proper watch over the movements of every player and then interpret his own stance. This makes the children to have more sharp and alert mind and also helps to be more receptive to the lessons taught in school.

This has resulted to the popularity gain of football academy in Bangalore. But when you are about to choose the best one, here are some of the things to consider.

Things To Consider

  • There is no doubt that there are many institutes in Bangalore and it has seen to be a popular choice of parents and teenagers to master the game of football. They essentially build the kids to have a successful career in the game. Some institute caters to children of 6 years and above of age and then there are some that may also work with younger kids.
  • The other aspects to consider here is on the popularity of the academy among parents and teenagers. The academy imparts the love for the game to the children and shapes them in becoming great players in the future. They also offer special coaching which helps in recognizing or building the talent amongst children starting from a very young age. They cater to ages from 3 years and above. The contact details of the club can be taken from different sources.
  • You should also check if the academy boasts a great legacy of players and a flamboyant football style. The kids in football academy in Bangalore get world class training similar to those offered in the institute in Paris. They cater to kids of 6 years and above of age. Check whether the institute is a government recognized body of football in the state. There are some institutes associations that have ties with the All India Football Federation. So try and get your child admitted to the same.
  • The institution offers coaching to children with the latest sports technology and sciences. They train children from a young age. While the children are small they focus more on rapport building and skills development whereas, as they advance the bar is raised for the children. They mostly cater to children of 5 years and above ages.