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In the recent years, Mobile trading has gained significant popularity & requirements amongst traders and investors. Following online trading, the convenience of trading has also moved to the next level. With mostly on the move/ go, the customers’ wanted to be provided with a solution to trade on the go & at the convenience of their fingertips. Consequently, Mobile Trading through trading app became a lucid alternative to online trading. It trading on the go. With the availability of secure, reliable and user friendly software solution across all major operating systems (android & ios.), you can be rest assured of being able to track your investments wherever you maybe, provided you need to have mobile network & internet coverage.

The trading app on the mobile also benefits you with the following features:

  • Instant fund transfer through 28 banks
  • Informative dashboard with quick links
  • After Market Order to place trades beyond market hours
  • Corporate action details
  • Option calculator and many more features

Scanners & Strategies: Some of the smart trading app are also loaded with interesting features like: Scanners like rise and fall, spread scanner, volume-shocker, scans the market on real-time basis to identify opportunities and trend in the market.

Strategy: Strategies, such as Bullish covered call, bearish covered put, helps you choose the right option strategy which gives best focus on limited no. of stocks.

Advanced Trading Tools: One of the most secured trading app, SINE (by Trade Smart Online) offers technical indicators like MACD, Moving Avg., RSI, Bollinger bands, Parabolic SAR, etc. It also has advanced snap quote which shows Futures quote, Resistance & Support levels, High-Low for different time intervals, Option chain, Put-Call ratio and much more at a swipe.

Bracket Order and Cover Order: With Cover Order you can also place your order with stop loss. Bracket Order allows you to place an order with stop loss as well as a simultaneously order to book in profit if market goes in your favour.

With the digital revolution, the world has certainly transformed and so have our users! There is no stress of being glued to your desktop/ personal computer or carrying bulky laptops. Your powerful smartphone can manage your trading with the most efficient way. You just got to visit the App store or the Play Store depending on your mobile operating system (android/ .ios) and download the preferred application. Successfully install the downloaded app, sign in and get started into a whole new world of trading possibilities.

How To Open A Demat Account And Initiate Trading?

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When you want to trade in stocks and shares, you need to have an account that is specifically meant for this purpose. A demat or a dematerialized account is an account that allows you to hold shares in it. There shares are held in their electric form and you can open the account even without having any shares in it.

The key purpose of the demat account is having shares in it in the electronic form, which saves the trouble of having to hold them in paper form. Another advantage that it offers is when shares are in electronic than paper format, they are easy-to-maintain and you can access them from any part of the world.

How To Open A Demat Account?

Opening a Demat account is easy and can be done in a couple of steps. What is needed first is approaching a Depository Participant (DP) else an agent of depository and then proceed to filling up a form for account opening. When submitting the form, you also need to provide photocopies of various types of documents to show proof of address and identity.

The next step is to proceed to signing an agreement with a DP, in which you will be given a list of rules and regulations to be followed. After this an account will be opened after which you will get a Demat account number. Whenever you make a purchase or sale of securities, the transaction will be reflected in this account.

Before opening a Demat account, you need to check if the brokerage for it is low cost.  It is to be noted that if holdings in the account is less than Rs.500, you don’t have to make any annual maintenance payments on it. However when the value of the holdings goes beyond Rs.5000 then the charges is Rs.100 per year.

All the investment that you make into not just shares but also exchange traded funds, bonds, government securities, bonds, mutual funds etc are held in it. Hence in a single place you can put all your investment which makes it easy for you to monitor them and also trade in them as and when required. The account can be accessed online at any time and from any location. Having a Demat account eliminates the problems that happen when you carry out trade through paper document such as damage, fake documentation, lack of proper delivery etc.

Find The Best Demat Account For Beginners In Online Trading

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If you are new to stock trading then you should tarde carefully in small amounts and take smaller risks. You should learn the trading skills to trade online. You can also trade through a broker.If you are new to stock trading then you should tarde carefully in small amounts and take smaller risks. You should learn the trading skills to trade online. You can also trade through a broker.

To trade online you need a demat and a trading account. The trading account is held by the broker and the demat account is opened in the depository. The brokers who offer depositories services have the authority to open the demat account. To open the account you have to approach a broker.

You have to fill an account opening form to open the account. You get the from couriered to you for a fee. You can request the form online and get it via email. Most of the brokers offer the facility to print the form the portal. The documents to be submitted with the form are a copy PAN card, address proof, a coloured passport sized photograph, a cancelled cheque and last six months bank statement.

The account is available to you within three working days from receiving the account opening form. The exchange requires the brokers to do an in-person verification check for which you have to be present. Once you have the demat account you can trade online in equity, currency, futures and options and commodity.

There is a fee for opening the account. The broker may charge like Rs. 400 for opening a equity and currency account and Rs. 200 for commodity trading account.

How to choose an online broker?

The online broker offers the trading platform to trade online. There are a few points to consider before choosing the online broker. You should check for the following to find the best demat account for beginners.

  • The trading platform offered should be user friendly. It should allow fast transactions. Check if the broker offers trading platforms across trade, mobile and browser.
  • The brokerage to be paid should be affordable. There should be different brokerage plans for the different trading needs.
  • There should be support offered through phone, email and chat. The support should be available anytime.
  • The experience the broker has in trading is important. You should make sure your investments are in the right hands.
  • The broker should never trade on your behalf without your knowledge.
  • The broker should offer the highest intraday exposure.
  • The broker should offer online trading tools to help you trade. You should check if the broker offers online trading app.