Indian Modern and Contemporary Art – The Best Painters from India

Modern Indian Art

Indian Modern and Contemporary Art

Modern Indian art is said to have been influenced by a number of movements and literary styles from across the world. There has been considerable amount of influence of western art on Indian art styles. The modern and contemporary art styles are comprised of a number of themes and include a number of artistic works which were produced during the period 1860s to 1970s. The styles and philosophy of the art which are produced during that era are said to be modern and contemporary.

Auction Prices and Sale of Indian Modern and Contemporary Art

The modern art in the world began with the heritage of the painters like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin and Georges Seurat. Similarly Indian modern and contemporary art comprises of the artists and painters like ZainulAbedin, JP Gangooly, Saifuddin Ahmed, Mumtaz Ali Khan, RadhaBagchi, RamkinkarBaij, Bhaskaran, and Jyoti Bhatt. These paintings are often displayed by these painters and artists from time to time to various art lovers and public at exhibitions and paintings.

Modern Indian Art

Modern Indian Art

The term modern and contemporary are often confused with each other. Modern is specifically used for the era after the First and Second World War, whereas the contemporary word is used to describe the current times. The modern Indian art is very distinct from the Indian vintage and antique art where the artists were following certain styles and themes of Deccan school of Art, Rajasthan School of Art and Deccan School of Art. Modern Indian Art is also influenced by the western school of art where these painters have started to mix the European style in Indian traditional style.

There are many online galleries and exhibition halls where these paintings are displayed to the general public. Art lovers from across the world love to own these paintings. This is why auctions are one of the best ways to attract big sales and revenue for these paintings and art. The auction prices of Indian fine art is said to be very high due to the value and reputation of the modern Indian painters. The paintings of these painters are said to be a prized possession for everyone. There are also many public exhibition galleries in the country which showcases this art to the general public.

Auctions of the paintings are done online which is administered by an online auctioneer. The bidding process is open for several days and weeks after which the highest bidder gets to own these paintings.