ITM UGC- Necessary Criteria To Keep In Mind!

In India, the most common stream which one takes is engineering followed by management. These two are trending and hot program courses preferred by most of the students after passing their higher secondary education. With its growing popularity, competition has increased to a great extent. We hardly focus on other streams and course programs. Other courses like biomedical, interior designing, culinary arts are some other aspects which are hardly chosen by the students.

Most of the students run behind those courses which their peer circle chooses or is pressurised by the parents. Consequently, before selecting ITM UGC, we often get stuck into a confusing state thereby hurriedly choosing the course before time runs out. It is highly important to know about different courses, better schooling for it to ensure effective learning.

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What to consider while selecting programs of ITM UGC?

Affiliated institute: Before you select any institute for your course study, it is essential to know whether the university is affiliated or not. The degree you obtain there plays a vital role in authenticating your qualification.

Recognised one: Reputable institute works hard to provide quality-oriented education to their students. Even, ITM institute is recognised and best faculties are engaged to deliver quality education to the students. This matters a lot as you are satisfied to obtain better training from the reputable faculties.

Check online: with the growing awareness of education, several academic institutions have come up that provide different study program to the students. Amidst the varieties of institutes, approaching the right ITM UGC centre is important.

You need to be quick enough and research well before deciding anything. Studying outside your hometown is not easy and not everyone can adjust in the new environment. Apart from just choosing the course program and institute, it is important to focus on other factors as well.

Tips To Pick an MBA Specialization

MBA degrees are the classic option to most big-ticket jobs. However, of late, there has come to exist courses and degrees that have taken the sheen off the classic MBA degree. According to latest news from ITM, the reason is much more than just new courses infiltrating the market. Landing the right job is also dependent on picking the right specialization for your MBA. So, while choosing your MBA specialization, keep the following things in mind:

• While choosing the specialization, do consider how relevant it is to the current job market. Sometimes, specific streams see too much of crowds that make it non-relevant to the present job market.

ITM News

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• Research in depth about the types of jobs your chosen specialization can fetch you. There are a number of streams with interesting coursework, but these fail to gain traction in the job markets.

• Do understand the relevance of a specification before enrolling for the same. Check online and also refer job portals to understand where the market could be headed.

ITM news reveals that MBAs from reputed institutes have more weightage in the job market. Therefore, whatever specialization you pick, you should always go for a reputed institute. Make sure you check up on the institute’s credentials before actually finalizing one. From the overall reputation to accreditation, there are a number of factors to consider in this context. An MBA degree is worth as much as the job it gets you.

ITM offers a wide range of programs that cater to the needs of fresher students and also experienced executives in the fields of finance, markets, risk management and others. In addition to intensive classroom teaching in innovatively designed classes equipped with latest technological equipment, students here can be exposed to real culture and the learning environment. The technology factor of these programs at ITM includes intranet as well as internet. Top notch quality assured to the fullest!

ITM Mumbai Mirror: Important News for Budding Managers

PGDM program

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After the global economic crisis, the world will see a new rise in the business class and many entrepreneurial affairs will come up. These startups will definitely oppose huge corporate entities and this will definitely shape the future of business. The highly successful start-ups are on a roll at this moment and business-oriented courses are actually helping the people to gain more and more knowledge about the details of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

There are a number of people who are finding themselves in small groups of people and this has happened surely because of the business shifts. The consequence of business shifts has led to the necessity to grow management skills between the entrepreneurs. This is to ensure that the things in business should run smoothly without any glitches. Thus, online courses are being available moor now days for prospective managers.

Importance of Management Studies in Today’s World:

• There are a lot of published ideas in the 21st century that has helped in managing a team and it has provided basics of organizing, planning, leading, etc. ITM Mumbai Mirror has recently covered an event where many papers were submitted regarding management ideas. It was a great place to be for budding managers.

• In the managerial field, one needs to get proper training of being a leader and they should definitely know the timing of saying something at the right time. In terms of business, people even study about the planning and this helps in proper utilization of any particular team.

• In business management courses, one needs to go beyond certain depths. The fundamentals of marketing which is branding and consumer behaviour are quoted as an important thing as well. ITM Mumbai Mirror has recently come up with a seminar of reputed colleges. The things these colleges discussed in the seminar are termed as important.

MBA in Human Resource: An ITM Executive MBA

The ITM group was founded in the year 1991 and offers a range of management programs among others. The ITM EEC (Executive Education Centre) comes under the ITM Group of Institutes. The present day’s demand is to upgrade the skills of the students at a constant rate and provide the aspiring managers the valuable qualification of MBA degree.

TheITM Executive MBA is offered by India’s largest Executive Education Centers (EEC) under which the students opt for Executive MBA Programs. There is a network of 7 centers all around India. The ITM Group also has campuses in Raipur, Vadodara, Chennai, Bangalore, and Pune. Their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree programs are for:

  • Business professionals
  • High-level executives
  • Those who have started a new business
  • Entrepreneurs

ITM EEC Degree

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How the students opting for an EEC by ITM benefit?

  • Opportunity to start a career with the best companies
  • Know the basics and much more
  • Are groomed to evolve as a great professional
  • Become a part of a great network
  • Learn to focus on important matters
  • Get hands-on experience of the industry
  • Awaken the inner talent

The education provided has the best-recognized quality. This is proved by the Education Excellence Award by Brands Academy. The recognition is given to the institution based on the Executive MBA Program as the “Best Classroom”. The ITM Executive MBA is reviewed in a magazine and ranked the institution as No. 1 Executive MBA for the Corporate in India overall. These institutions conduct classes on-site for corporate for their employees. Thus students get an all-round development making them professionally sound and unparalleled. It is a mark of great excellence for the students who are a part of this degree and this institution. These institutions serve the various needs of working professionals.

Want to Pursue a Career in Human Resource Management? Apply for Diploma HR Courses in Chennai

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At the backend of production of any product or administration, there is a human personality, exertion and working hours. No service or product can be delivered without the assistance of an individual. A person or employee is an essential asset for the development of any organization. Each organization wants to have talented and capable individuals to make their organization the best in the world.

There are five Ms of management:





And Methods

Human resource management is concerned with the first M that is men. The workforce of any organization is its most important asset. Hence, it becomes important to have the best people working for you. Human Resource Management has emerged as a popular course choice amongst individuals. With the help of the right managers, managing human resources becomes an easy task. The work of an HR professional is to understand the ideologies of every individual in the organization and sync it with the company’s goal.

All about Diploma HR courses that can be pursued in Chennai

The growth prospects of the human resource have led to the surge of the Diploma in Human Resource is a certificate level course. The duration of the course is 1-year. The course deals with the study of human resource and its management. This course can prove to be a career booster for working professionals.

Humans are one of the most important rather the most important resource of an organization. Therefore, it is vital that this resource base is overseen appropriately and viable. A diploma course in Human Resource Management is designed for giving that fundamental aptitudes and information to the applicants so that they end up being a compelling human resource management, experts.

The course is planned and organized in a way thus, as to satisfy the need of the by producing highly skilled and qualified HR experts who capable of bringing the best out of the available manpower. The best part about the diploma courses is that these are designed as per the industry norms, thus enabling the students to have a more practical approach.

In this course, the candidates learn and obtain basic leadership abilities, figure out how to recognize the points of interest and weaknesses of various alternatives which help them to go in the best direction in any circumstance. Since the principal target of this course is the administration of HR, understudies likewise figure out how to assemble solid relational and relational abilities that will assist them with interacting with individuals while working for an association. Some of the skills which this course focusses on nurturing include:

• Decision making

• Organization skill

• Training and development

• Employee retention

• Budget management

• Administration

• Leadership skills

The course likewise furnishes understudies with authoritative aptitudes. In this course, understudies will likewise pick up learning about good and ethics and inspiring attitude for societal flourishing, systematic and critical thinking aptitudes, and regulatory capacities to have the choice to facilitate the staff and deal with the errands of each division.

Who should opt for this course?

Diploma in human resource is not meant for everyone. Only those who have the zest of management should pursue this course. The students who have sound problem-solving and decision-making abilities should opt for this course. The diploma HR courses in Chennai course is suitable for those students, who are determined to have their career in management and HR management.

Admission Process of Diploma HR Courses in Chennai

The admission process to the PGDHRM course differs from institutions to institutions, the basic requirement or the process remains the same.

Eligibility Criteria – The students who want to apply for PGDHRM should possess a bachelor degree in any stream from a recognized university or institution.

Usually, the admission process includes two steps. In the first stage of the admission process, the student has to qualify an entrance examination or institutional test (this varies from one institute to another). After this, the student has to qualify the personal interview conducted by the institution. During the personal interview, a student is asked about his/her prior knowledge, achievements and other personal aspects.

Some institutions do not conduct any entrance examination for PGDHRM. They allow only those students to sit in a personal interview who have already qualified some common entrance test.

Career Opportunities after PGDHRM
A post-graduate diploma in human resource management degree open doors of several career opportunities for the pass outs. HR is such a profession in which one gets the chance to interact with different persons of different personalities and different cultural and societal backgrounds. An organization hires a PGDHRM graduate for one of the following posts –

1. HR Executive– This is one of the preliminary position for which the fresher’s are hired. Their KRA includes screening resume, calling for interviews, admin management and allied work. However, over a period of time, this work enhances and they shift from generic role to a specific one.

2. Employee Relation Manager – One of the key work of HR personnel is to ensure that the right human resource is hired for the organization. An employee relation manager is also known as a human resource specialist. An ER Manager is mainly concerned with the screening of the candidates, conducting interviews and other recruitment procedures. Other than hiring, a human resource specialist advises and counsels the managers regarding various personnel practices, employment rules and policy of the organization.

3. Staffing Director – Staffing executive is totally in charge of procuring the workers in the organization. He/she is additionally responsible for taking care of the circumstance anything turns out badly with those workers. It is an exceptionally enormous duty as the staffing director needs to fabricate brilliant and financially savvy techniques.

4. Training and Development Manager – The training and development manager organizes training for the new representative, and furthermore when the requirement for training emerges for different workers for the organization.

5. HR Generalist – After working as HR expert for a period of time an individual is promoted to the post of HR Generalist. The role of an HR Generalist is to supervise staffing, employee orientation, space management, professional and personal development of employees, etc. An HR Generalist plays a vital role in the decision-making process of an organization.

6. Compensation Manager – A compensation manager is broadly in charge of planning the finance and compensation arrangements for the representatives. They have to reconsider the rules according to the changing financial or government guidelines.

7. Start your own consultancy- If you have work experience and are looking for starting your consultancy, then this course can be a guiding platform. It teaches the nitty-gritties of working as an HR , thus helping the individuals who want to enter an entrepreneurial venture.

Tabular representation of some of the key roles of HR professionals and their salary

Title KRA Salary
HR Executive This is one of the starting posts, here the individual is responsible for selecting, screening and meeting the candidates for the interview. 2,50,000 to 8,50,000
HR Managers These are intermediaries between Senior management and the workforce. 2,40,000 to 7,80,000
Admin Assistant This is one of the roles of HR professionals . Drafting message, managing things at the office and bolster other staff  3,20,000 to 1,080,000

The PGDHRM is a two years’ full-time management program which offers a lot of chances in the enlisting and staffing process. It is the most astounding quality program in the zone of Human Resources Management as it is proactively intended to give qualified, appropriate, and skilled HR experts with adequate information of a business to every industry.

Super Useful Tips When Hiring The Best Digital Marketing Agency

Whenever you enter the business world online, first advice that everybody gives you is hiring the service of a digital marketing agency for increasing your business rankings and the promotions on the internet. The professional online marketing services firm knows to register the company’s presence online. It does not just help to boost your sales but opens the venues for extending the business on a global scale. Thus, it is not very surprising to say these digital marketing services come at the price. But, not all marketing companies online are very good for your online business. You have to find the best one that actually suits your requirements as well as matches to your budget.

You must take complete care of certain things before you hire the digital marketing agency for your online business promotions. Because you’re investing in something, it’s just fair you get the chance to check out whether the investment is totally worth it. So, here are some super useful tips when hiring the online marketing agency for your online business:

Check the company website
Checking the company’s digital marketing website is better than to read the sales pitch! This tells you much about what is on an offer. There are some people who may say that the agency that is very busy with the clients may not have a lot of time spent on their own website. However, one must always put the best foot ahead and result oriented and experienced internet marketing firm will have an impressive website.

Know about the professionals working in the digital marketing company
The company is run by its employees. Therefore, it is advisable to do a little background research on the professionals that are hired by the marketing company. You must have the complete knowledge of what type of skill sets that they’re carrying. Know what type of digital marketing training course certificates they hold.

Interact with the current and earlier clients of an agency
Majority of the companies list the clients’ names as well as websites in the feedback section. You must take a little time out & contact the clients of a company and know the real views about any digital marketing services that they received.

Look for the rates
The good business makes the budget and finds the best quality of services within the set limit. It’s advisable to always ask for the price quotes as well as negotiate with the digital marketing firms before you agree to the full terms.

Find the digital marketing firm that matches to your company requirements
The internet marketing strategy for the jewelry website may not work very well for the medicines business. You must look for the internet marketing company, which either specializes to promote the business type or worked earlier for a similar client.

How Digital Marketing Is Vital?

There are a few new ways that are much faster, practical as well as versatile than old and traditional ones. So, the following are some common types of digital marketing

  • Online Advertising
  • Blogs
  • PPC advertising
  • Website SEO content)
  • Online video content
  • Mobile marketing (MMS, SMS, and more)
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and G+)
  • Email marketing

Importance of the digital marketing service works not just in the favor of the marketers, but it also provides something very innovative to their consumers as well. Let’s understand the importance of digital marketing.

Cost Efficient
It’s very cost effective than traditional marketing. It is very important for small businesses since they do not have several resources and capital. The new media will provide you with the less costly and viable promoting channel.

Use Content for Connecting it with Customers
Using digital content sponsored and free allows you to interact with the customers adequately than the direct mail and PR campaigns. Quality of your internet presence now is connected to your business achievement through digital marketing.

Take in Account Your Mobile Customer
The innovation has now evolved to such an extent that the mobile devices are not thought to be the simple options to laptops or PCs. Around 91% of the grownups have their phone devices and often use this to browse the internet. There is a huge group of the customers who are using their cell phone devices daily, thus it is very important to use the marketing solution and advertisements that will target such devices rightly.

Acknowledge the Higher ROI & Revenue
Just by increasing digital marketing outreach, you may build your revenue. More information you will extract from the outreach campaigns, better your expectations & ROI will be.

Track Your Customer’s Journey
Using analytics services such as Google Analytics, you can monitor your client’s activities, any preferences or get better insight into the behavior. The analytics allows you to build a persona of your customer with a goal that you may offer them an ideal experience of digital marketing.

Expanded Conversions
Suppose you have the internet business and you’re advertising products or services on the internet, you also can measure the success by the incoming traffic, which gets changed over in subscribers, leads and sales and in this way, you may ascertain and improve your conversion rates through digital marketing.

Empower the Social Media Engagement
In an event that you want the organization to expand, you may gain new customers using various social media channels. You need to ensure that you focus on the customers based on the interests, country, and ages. In this way, you can better interact with your customers and empower engagement via digital marketing.

Build Trust
The digital marketing generally develops from the social verification, genuine testimonials and social media signals from the customers who have used it beforehand, joined, acquired and profited from the service and product that are advertised by the business. Most of the customers will trust the service or product who gives positive feedback and information about the specific brand. Thus, taking suggestion with the strong following on Twitter or Facebook can represent your deciding moment for your business. As the matter of fact, it is highly effective digital marketing resources.

MBA vs. Executive MBA: A Timely Decision

There are numbers of approved MBA & Executive MBA programs administered in colleges around the world, but many aspiring candidates don’t know the difference between both of this. ‘Executive MBA’ utterly means ‘Executive Master of Business Administration’, that is usually misconstrued to be the superior course of MBA education. But the reality is that the two are very much similar in terms of value and cachet on the graduation – and they are delivered in many different manners.

Whether candidates go for an MBA or an Executive MBA based mainly on the current situation. Executive MBA candidates are normally older & have more experience. The full-time MBA students are quite looking for some quick career change or are wishing extensive experience for career enhancement – but the diversity between them extend much further than the work experience and age of students.

Application Requirements:
Executive MBAs are provisioned towards working professionals with much more work experience – usually in the region of ten to fifteen years. In the selection time, Executive MBA admission groups look for some varied professional area & with different work experience. And it is assumed that candidates would already possess great business intelligence picked up over the career. So, they are not normally needed to sit entrance tests – although students without bachelor’s degree might need a GMAT score.

Though, for full-time MBA education, the emphasis is so much placed on GMAT scores & essays. The lowest GMAT score of 600 is needed in most colleges, with top institutes demanding 700 & above. And also more management experience is the definite benefit for MBA education, students are mostly only needed to have up to three years’ work life.

Duration and pace:
The duration of degree courses differ per college, however, the typical time period of an MBA is 2 years in India. Executive MBAs are likely to fall into a similar sort of area. The contrast is, however, that Executive MBA education is part-time, weekends, on evenings & intensive weeks that could take place at various places across the world. Executive MBA students, by and large, stands in the current positions on a full-time basis (along with a full-time payment) while they get to learn. Much of the study would be by online and/or distance. Executive MBA students likely to classwork at some more intense speed than the MBA counterparts to depreciate distraction from family or work.

Full-time MBA candidates have intensive work calendar, making it so much difficult to maintain a job apart from the course. Also, the classes are finished at a faster rate, the Executive MBA curriculum deals the similar material as of MBAs. Though, Executive MBA courses offer limited electives & candidates are needed to take the most of the classes together. MBA candidates get the freedom to specialize in a variety of topics, with a wide range of choices available to them. There are targeted Executive MBAs out there for those who like to specialize though!

Fees and sponsorship:
Typically, the majority or whole of Executive MBA candidates’ tuition fees was entertained by employers, who benefit from the refreshing skills their managers are receiving. Though, current years have seen a trend around self-funded students – that has meant that more institutes are offering Executive MBA scholarships. Either way, applicants would also be having a full-time payment when studying, making the financial associations of Executive MBAs somewhat less daunting compared to full-time MBAs. Company-funded candidates are normally needed to have a few years to the organization on completion of the course – so they should be sure of the careers before Executive MBA degree.

In stark contrast, MBAs are completely self-funded, and there is a wide range of scholarships accessible to applicants with private schools and companies. The prices blended with MBAs likely to a little lower than Executive MBAs but full-time MBA candidates have to factor in other fees like permanent board & accommodation as well as a foregone stipend (but don’t forget the ROI).

It is so important to consider when picking between the 2 different courses. If students want a more immersive study experience they have to most surely go for an MBA. Living fully on or near campus opens the doors to extracurricular ventures – consists of clubs, conferences, sport & student-run events and also social experiences & obviously, a tight-knit social group as you would be working with the classmates each day.

For Executive MBA students, the emphasis is put very much on networking in a tighter cohort, with a little less interaction with the wider candidate body. Students interact with the group on a weekly basis – mostly at the weekend. However, the relationships might not be as intense, formal and informal networking is key to the Executive MBA study (as it is for the full-time programs) & is much beneficial for the future career.

Should You Pursue an Executive MBA If You Already Have an MBA?
There was a time when people who had received an MBA never gave a second thought to the executive MBA (EMBA), but business colleges – seeking to diversify themselves & extend the reach to a broader demographic – are identifying the 2 degrees more often.

Typically, the MBA is for somewhat younger students, who are in their late 20s or early 30s & have less experience of work, than those entering the Executive MBA, who are in their mid to late 30s & have more experience of work. Actually, you may find Executive MBA candidates in their 50s & 60s.

Based on the kind of program you enter, you could earn an MBA in 1 to 3 years. Executive MBA courses are likely to be 2 to 3 years. Traditional MBA courses have applicants consistently meeting for assignments and class, whereas Executive MBA students meet on weekends or through intense weeklong courses.

There’s no dismissing the curriculum is same. The major difference is the Executive MBA contributes far fewer electives & a more focused core as it is for those already in more senior positions, who are proceeding to work.

Reasons Why to Go In For A PGDM Degree Program

There are two highly reputed professional programs and they are PGDM & MBA. The students from different fields generally take these courses to step up their corporate ladder. No matter whether you have recently finished your graduation or you are already in the job sector, the professional management degree will prove an added benefit to you. When choosing between the PGDM and MBA, because of a lack of knowledge of the postgraduate diploma, students select an MBA. In this article here we are trying to break all myths about PGDM and will give you some reasons to think of the PGDM degree.

Let us know what is PGDM
Post Graduate Diploma Management or PGDM is a 2 Year Course and is offered by many Institutes recognized by All India Council and are not affiliated and autonomous with any other university. But, accreditation by AIU or Association of Indian Universities makes PGDM course from institute’s equivalent to MBA.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose PGDM over MBA

Get to learn industry-oriented program structure
The structure of the postgraduate diploma course is such that its industry-oriented compared to the MBA. As autonomous institutes provide such course, thus the curriculum is in accordance with the new developments. In addition, the Post Graduate Diploma has a practical approach, while, MBA gives you only bookish knowledge.

Have Specialization at Any Field You Want
Postgraduate diploma allows you to specialize in your interest areas. For instance, if you select to go for the specialization in HR Management, you can select minor subjects such as Finance/ Marketing/ Project management and IT that give you a good edge over many other candidates.

Preference for the Higher Studies
Lots of reputed B-schools in India and Abroad, offer preference to the postgraduate diploma students compared to MBA students. It is because of the practical insight that PGDM provides, an MBA that is theoretical lacks. Thus, it offers you an added benefit over other students as long as it gets done from the reputed institute only.

Time to Get Real-time Business Experience
In Post Graduate Diploma, students are provided huge exposure to the real-time business through strict classroom studies, management internships, meetings with the top business leaders, and many other same ways. The techniques help these students to be comfortable with this business environment & make them ready for the job.

You Will Good Placement Offers
The Post Graduate Diploma Institutes offer attractive placement as they are very autonomous in nature. While the MBA does not guarantee you the job and you need to struggle a little for the placement on your own.

Experienced Faculty
In the institutes providing Post Graduate Diploma course, teachers are highly qualified since they are offered very lucrative salary packages while in the MBA colleges because of outdated rules of the college and universities makes little more efforts to bring in the latest business learning’s.

Have a Job Oriented Course Programme
PGDM is job oriented compared to an MBA that helps one to get a suitable job after completing their course. Job opportunities are quite widened with the Post Graduate Diploma because of an added skill that you learn during this course.

Good Learning Opportunities
Post Graduate Diploma provides good learning opportunities, workshops and seminars are arranged. The top industry managers will come as the guests and give speeches that will motivate the students. Industries as well prefer the autonomous institutions for the campus recruitments.

Financial Aid
It’s simple to get the education loans in case you study in AICTE approved B-school as they’re widely recognized. In national or private banks, students will easily avail loans to complete their further studies without any kind of burden.

Learn Work Related Skills
Getting only the degree will not get you a decent job. What you need are the right abilities and skills. Post Graduate Diploma educated you such skills. This makes your job set for the managerial and leadership skills that you will learn. All these skills can help you to survive the competitive business world with complete ease.

Thus, selecting the Post Graduate Diploma will prove to be very beneficial for you in order to make a successful stint in this corporate world.

Why pursue a PGDM course?

Higher Salary: The employers report that the people with Post Graduate Diploma have high credibility level, they are very confident and can influence other workers and for this reason, they are likely to get very good salary packages.

Exposure to Various Cultures: The Post Graduate Diploma course focuses on developing the overall personality by team working & role-playing exercises. It helps to build a good rapport with the people from a different cultural background, more you get to mix with different cultures, more creative and understanding you get.

Open up the global employment opportunities: Post Graduate Diploma is the globally recognized course program so you will open up higher opportunities for working in the Global Markets.

Be your own boss: Suppose you’re planning to begin your own venture, PGDM will help you to achieve your goals. During the studies, you will get a proper understanding of the business administration & develop the right leadership skills. You can get the hands-on experience for writing business plans and marketing campaigns, schedule production and forecast accounts.

Networking: Lots of top B- Schools organizes the regular Alumni meets for their current students to network with the former graduates. This increases the networking capacity and gets benefit from their senior’s experience.

Self-Growth: Entire classroom experience, student activities, interaction with peers and faculty, case studies, and all these can change your perspective, professionally and personally. Lots of Post Graduate Diploma students find a completely new person when they are graduated from a business school.

Trust me or not, there is no other degree course that is as versatile as PGDM. B-School graduates are the first preference for leading multinational companies. The rigorous training, competitive edge, and industry- exposure gained by Post Graduate Diploma graduates makes it highly-paid executives.

Therefore, students who are looking for new ventures or focusing on exploring the experiential & hands-on learning, Post Graduate Diploma Courses serve as a perfect choice for achieving a successful career.

Specialisation on ITM PGDM Courses

ITM-enterprise school is the maximum suitable choice for aspirants searching out a PGDM program and a specialisation that is progressive, modern and caters to an industry call.

The specialised PGDM packages are more advanced, extensive and deliver wider publicity to college students. ITM’s redesigned applications are branded as “iConnect”- proposing redesigned curriculum a one month NGO venture and an in-depth 5 -month industry internship with an incorporated professional and profession boom across the study duration for a higher enjoy and exposure. Its superior campus life, global tie-ups & upgraded infrastructure attracts a large number of students every 12 months.

Specialisations offered

PGDM Finance

Mastering this module will help understand the process and knowledge involved in analysing cost centre, expenses of an organisation and making useful balance sheets, while also recognising the aspect of minimising cost and maximising profit. The program focuses on developing financial management skills required by the industry.

PGDM program

PGDM Program | Image Resource :

PGDM Marketing & Digital Media

Study of Marketing Management, Sales Management, Marketing Research & Analytics, Product & Brand Management, Consumer and Organisational Behaviour, Services Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Integrated Marketing Communications along with the hot in-demand skills like Business Communication, Digital Marketing, Media Planning, Creativity & Innovation Management as well as Retail management. This program enables you to attain a 360-degree practical knowledge and experience in various functions of Marketing Management.

PGDM Information Technology (IT)

Information technology is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems—particularly software applications and computer hardware. IT workers help ensure that computers work well for people.

PGDM Business Analytics

Business analytics (BA) is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organisation’s data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis. Business analytics is used by companies committed to data-driven decision-making.

PGDM Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM or HR) is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in an organization so that they help the business gain a competitive advantage. Commonly known as the HR department, it is designed to maximise employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

AICTE Standards And Norms For PGDM Institutions

AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has notified the standards, regulations and norms for Post Graduate Diploma Management (PGDM) to enhance and regulate properly the quality and system of management study imparted in institutes which are offering the the PGDM courses.

These rules, broadly imply the norms & standards about the academic calendar, model curriculum, admission, & fee refund to be spelt out specifically through the control.

Additionally, PGDM colleges have been provided with the autonomy to may devise the curriculum for the PGDM courses, however, it should be in compliance with the Model curriculum formed by AICTE & they shall consolidate an important part of the academic constituents in the curriculum. The universities or colleges have been directed to form a Board of Governors (BOG) for assuring the efficient management of these institutes and planning approach for further development.

The least time of any course could not be less than twenty-one months, wherein the admission must begin from 1st of March & close by 30th of June each year.

Also, the entries to PGDM colleges shall be done only from the students qualified from any one of the 6 All India exams i.e.; MAT, CAT, CMAT, ATMA, GMAT, XAT or state level admission test. The students shall be selected based on the overall rank calculated taking into consideration of the mentioned components and their measurements:

Common Admission Test Score (CAT, CMAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, ATMA) – 35 to 60%
Academic performance score in X Std., XII Std., Post Graduate/Under Graduate Degree – 5 to 25%
Weightage for taking parts in Academic diversity, Extra-curricular activities, Sports, & Gender diversity – 5 to 20%
Group discussion/interview – 20 to 45%

For all these measures, AICTE is a good assurance for studying in a PGDM college with standard regulations.