Get 14 Days Visit Visa For Dubai Via Cleartrip And Avail Special Offers!

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Millions of people from around the globe throng to this enchanting city to have fun like never before! From adventure tours to family getaways, there are many things to explore and enjoy in Dubai. Whether you are traveling for a leisure or education, you can experience the best of Dubai with the right visa in hand.

When it comes to visas, there are many types to choose from. Tourists who wish to travel to Dubai for a short period can choose the 14 days visa. You can get 14 days visit visa for Dubai via Cleartrip and avail special deals and offers. Applying for visa can be done within minutes as the site provides user-friendly booking options. All you need to do is provide some basic information and then make the necessary payment. Once your payment is received and the necessary documents are submitted, the visa processing will be initiated.

Get 14 Days Visit Visa For Dubai Via Cleartrip: Some Tips To Note

While applying for any type of visa online, it is mandatory that you follow some guidelines. When you are typing the online form, ensure that you provide all the correct details without spelling mistakes. Make it a point to read clearly through the instructions before submitting the documents. Keep all the files and records ready before starting with the process. This will help you save a lot of time. Ensure that you submit all the relevant documents in the specified format mentioned in the website or it may lead to visa rejection.

Dubai Visa Process

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Features of 14 Days Dubai Visa That You Should Know About

The 14 days Dubai visa is best suited for those who wish to travel to Dubai for a short period. The Dubai visa is valid for 60 days right from the time of issue. The visa will be valid only for a period of 14 days from the date of your entry into the country. In general, it takes about 3 to 5 working days for processing 14 days Dubai visa via Cleartrip. You can also opt for the express entry Dubai visa, which can be availed within one day.

Apart from the 14 days Dubai visa, you can also choose 30 days or 90 days Dubai visa both in general and express entry. Travelers who have a valid UAE visa are permitted to travel anywhere within UAE. You can also check out the rules and regulations online before applying for a Dubai visa. This will help you plan your trip accordingly.

London to Mumbai Flight Online Booking for an Enchanting Flight Journey 

Today, travelers from India are provided enough flight services to any international destination. Traveling from India to any destination has become very convent. If you are planning to travel from Mumbai to London, you have plenty of flights operating between these two destinations.

Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra and the city receives millions of visitors for being one among the global destinations in India. Some of must visit places in this city are Gateway of India, Mahalakshmi Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali Dargah and Juhu. Furthermore, the city is known as the financial hub of India for it’s the presence of industries, corporates and MNCs. Mumbai beach is one the most popular tourist spots in Asia and the city is very famous for its vibrant nightlife, commerce, entertainment and so on. For these reasons, the city magnetizes millions of people all across the world.

Gateway of India

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There are several airlines that offer their flight services between Mumbai and London. London is the most popular cities in UK and is highly regarded for its development, lifestyle, infrastructure, standard of living and son.

Flight from London to Mumbai

The visitors are facilitated to book London to Mumbai flights online through the airline’s web portal or through any travel agent. The travelers from London to Mumbai can board their flights from London International Airport (YXU). The airport top-notch and latest amenities and facilities at both London airport and Mumbai airport.

To travel conveniently, book London to Mumbai flight online where you can avail very good discounts on the flight tickets. The first flight leaves London International airport at 06.00am and the non-stop flight takes 8.10 hours to reach Mumbai. Jet Airways offer non-stop flights between these two destinations.

Book London to Mumbai flight online

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However, to get cheap flight tickets, you can book your tickets before three months from the date of journey. When the traveling dates are close, airlines increase the ticket rate based on the demand.

Other ways to get cheap tickets are to check for deals and discounts on airfare. Furthermore, you can check the airfare calendar before you book the ticket. The airfare calendar gives complete idea of airfare for the next three months. Which help you to choose the lowest airfare date and book your flights. Apart from this mobile app are good ways to get reduced tickets online. You will be notified with last minute deals and discounts where you can book your flight booking cheaply.

ITM UGC- Necessary Criteria To Keep In Mind!

In India, the most common stream which one takes is engineering followed by management. These two are trending and hot program courses preferred by most of the students after passing their higher secondary education. With its growing popularity, competition has increased to a great extent. We hardly focus on other streams and course programs. Other courses like biomedical, interior designing, culinary arts are some other aspects which are hardly chosen by the students.

Most of the students run behind those courses which their peer circle chooses or is pressurised by the parents. Consequently, before selecting ITM UGC, we often get stuck into a confusing state thereby hurriedly choosing the course before time runs out. It is highly important to know about different courses, better schooling for it to ensure effective learning.

ITM UGCITM UGC | Image Resource :

What to consider while selecting programs of ITM UGC?

Affiliated institute: Before you select any institute for your course study, it is essential to know whether the university is affiliated or not. The degree you obtain there plays a vital role in authenticating your qualification.

Recognised one: Reputable institute works hard to provide quality-oriented education to their students. Even, ITM institute is recognised and best faculties are engaged to deliver quality education to the students. This matters a lot as you are satisfied to obtain better training from the reputable faculties.

Check online: with the growing awareness of education, several academic institutions have come up that provide different study program to the students. Amidst the varieties of institutes, approaching the right ITM UGC centre is important.

You need to be quick enough and research well before deciding anything. Studying outside your hometown is not easy and not everyone can adjust in the new environment. Apart from just choosing the course program and institute, it is important to focus on other factors as well.

Tips To Pick an MBA Specialization

MBA degrees are the classic option to most big-ticket jobs. However, of late, there has come to exist courses and degrees that have taken the sheen off the classic MBA degree. According to latest news from ITM, the reason is much more than just new courses infiltrating the market. Landing the right job is also dependent on picking the right specialization for your MBA. So, while choosing your MBA specialization, keep the following things in mind:

• While choosing the specialization, do consider how relevant it is to the current job market. Sometimes, specific streams see too much of crowds that make it non-relevant to the present job market.

ITM News

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• Research in depth about the types of jobs your chosen specialization can fetch you. There are a number of streams with interesting coursework, but these fail to gain traction in the job markets.

• Do understand the relevance of a specification before enrolling for the same. Check online and also refer job portals to understand where the market could be headed.

ITM news reveals that MBAs from reputed institutes have more weightage in the job market. Therefore, whatever specialization you pick, you should always go for a reputed institute. Make sure you check up on the institute’s credentials before actually finalizing one. From the overall reputation to accreditation, there are a number of factors to consider in this context. An MBA degree is worth as much as the job it gets you.

ITM offers a wide range of programs that cater to the needs of fresher students and also experienced executives in the fields of finance, markets, risk management and others. In addition to intensive classroom teaching in innovatively designed classes equipped with latest technological equipment, students here can be exposed to real culture and the learning environment. The technology factor of these programs at ITM includes intranet as well as internet. Top notch quality assured to the fullest!

ITM Mumbai Mirror: Important News for Budding Managers

PGDM program

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After the global economic crisis, the world will see a new rise in the business class and many entrepreneurial affairs will come up. These startups will definitely oppose huge corporate entities and this will definitely shape the future of business. The highly successful start-ups are on a roll at this moment and business-oriented courses are actually helping the people to gain more and more knowledge about the details of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

There are a number of people who are finding themselves in small groups of people and this has happened surely because of the business shifts. The consequence of business shifts has led to the necessity to grow management skills between the entrepreneurs. This is to ensure that the things in business should run smoothly without any glitches. Thus, online courses are being available moor now days for prospective managers.

Importance of Management Studies in Today’s World:

• There are a lot of published ideas in the 21st century that has helped in managing a team and it has provided basics of organizing, planning, leading, etc. ITM Mumbai Mirror has recently covered an event where many papers were submitted regarding management ideas. It was a great place to be for budding managers.

• In the managerial field, one needs to get proper training of being a leader and they should definitely know the timing of saying something at the right time. In terms of business, people even study about the planning and this helps in proper utilization of any particular team.

• In business management courses, one needs to go beyond certain depths. The fundamentals of marketing which is branding and consumer behaviour are quoted as an important thing as well. ITM Mumbai Mirror has recently come up with a seminar of reputed colleges. The things these colleges discussed in the seminar are termed as important.

How Non-Refundable Tickets Can Help You Save Money For Delhi To Patna Flights Ticket Booking?

Patna is a holy and religious place where various people travel every year. The main attraction being “Gaya”, people visit this place for a religious and divine experience. On the other hand, Delhi, being the national capital region of India, witnesses various travelers traveling to Patna every week. Few people travel for any special purpose, and maximum of them visit to find their lost mental solace. And, flights are one of the best modes of communication connecting these two places.


People always look for cheaper options while Delhi To Patna Flights Ticket Booking. Have you heard about a non-refundable ticket? Of course, you had! Well, very few people have an idea about the benefits of the same. So, here are some important facts about them which you need to know.

Benefits of Non-Refundable Tickets

It is a fact that non-refundable tickets have a number of benefits. But, do you know that they are actually cheaper than refundable tickets? Well, the truth may seem much more exciting. Here are some points that you need to know.

  • Non-refundable tickets are much more cost-effective and affordable than refundable tickets. Well, it might seem too good to be true in the beginning, but it is actually proved as per research. People generally do not go for non-refundable tickets until and unless they have a fixed and solid plan. Where there is a doubt, people always go for refundable tickets which can at least return some percentage of their money when they cancel it. But, non-refundable tickets in this case can be further beneficial.
  • The choice for booking a ticket for Delhi to Patna Flights Ticket Booking entirely depends upon you. But, it is suggested that – when you are sure about the travel dates and times, you can undoubtedly go for a non-refundable ticket which can cost you much less than a refundable ticket. There are a number of travel portals which you can check. You will witness that there is a stark difference between the prices of the two. So, make your own choice after going through the prices and book a non-refundable ticket with one of the best airlines in India.

When Should You Book A Non-refundable ticket?

No one would like to lose their valuable money for careless and silly mistakes. Thus, you need to be careful while you are making your travel plans. If you are sure about the travel dates and purpose, and are sure that those are not going to change, then going for a non-refundable ticket will be the ideal option for you.

In case your plan still gets changed, then you might consider yourself to be unfortunate. Therefore, plan for your travel dates and accommodation first. Do a detailed research and visit a number of travel portals and websites which will provide you with a number of options. Finally, go through the ticket prices, and book a ticket with an airline which will be the best.

Reasons You Should Check-In Early If You Are Availing Bangalore Singapore Flight

Majority of the airline companies tend to allow their customers to complete all the necessary process that you have to go through before checking in as early as a day before boarding the flight.

The procedure to book flights can now be easily done either in person or through your mobile phone. The customers who will be boarding their flight later on tend to put in the necessary information in order to check in early for their respective flight.


Advantages of Checking In Early For Your Bangalore Singapore Flight

If you are someone who is waiting to board Bangalore Singapore flight then you must know the advantages of checking in early before boarding your flight.

  • Skip the queue: When it comes to traditional check ins there is no denying that you have to stand in the typical queue of the airline ticket counter in order to avail your respective boarding pass. During rush hours this queue tends to be longer in nature and it often requires for you to go at the airport early. The early check in processes tends to provide you with the opportunity to print the boarding passes quite easily online without you having to stand in long queues.
  • Accessing the security faster: Getting an early check in allows you to go to the security checkpoint quicker. If you do not have any bag that needs to be checked at the airport by security personnel then you can quite easily go to the airport directly. Of course if you do have bags that need to be checked always arrive early so that you can get everything over with and board your respective flight.
  • Seat selection: While booking your tickets for the Bangalore Singapore flight you can quite easily select the seats that you like through the early check ins that tend to take place online. If you have to make the check-ins directly at the airport you are left with the disadvantage of having to choose from the remaining seats. So make sure to choose your desired window seat through online check ins.
  • Considerations: There are a number of advantages of having to check in early before boarding your flight. Considering the situation that you have with your travelling you can choose to do an early check in. For instance if you have a lot of luggage that needs to be checked by the security it is always a great idea to do an early check in.

You can choose to book your flight tickets online and avail the discounts online without much hassle and simultaneously save a lot of time and money in your next Bangalore Singapore flight!

Delhi To Dubai Flights Booking: Make Luxury Your Priority!

International travel is always a matter of excitement. It’s almost like travelling to an entire new world. Curiosity prevails at almost every corner of one’s mind. Travelling from Delhi to Dubai comes under the segment of international travel. As we all know travelling to an international country requires a lot of planning.

In the age of advanced and modern technology it is pretty easy for a person to get their flight tickets done online in matter of a minute. There are a lot of factors that would accompany from booking a flight till landing at the desired airport.

Travel Smart, Travel in Style!

One common but important fact about Delhi to Dubai flights booking knows about both the airports. One may suddenly feel the importance of knowing this amidst the journey – the Delhi Airport is popularly known as Indira Gandhi International Airport with IATA code – DEL. The Dubai airport on the other hand is popularly known as Dubai Central Al – Maktoum International Airport with IATA code – DXB. The below consideration points may reduce the hassle as much as possible, be sure to follow up –

  • Seven airline companies maintain regular contact with Dubai International Airport. Almost 190 flights help passengers every day of the week. The airline companies that are authorised to operate on this route are – Indigo, Jet Airways, Air India, Spice Jet, Fly Dubai, Emirates and Air India Express. When travelling abroad, luxury is definitely one among the consideration points. Emirates counts itself among one of the most luxurious airlines all around the world. With sixty-three aircrafts every week it’s the star airline of the route.
  • When travelling abroad it is very much recommended to check for the food quality review of each and every airline company. It is a long journey and bad food may cause problems on board. Also, any individual travelling abroad should try out the international segment airport lounges that offer great food and resting areas.


  • For cheap prices of tickets and better availability, it is suggested to book tickets atleast 90 days in advance. The lowest price recorded till date is 8156/- excluding GST and the maximum may rise up to INR16544/- excluding GST.
  • The aerial distance between Delhi and Dubai is, 2204 Km. The lowest time taken for a direct aircraft to reach Dubai is around 3hrs 25 mins depending upon external conditions like climate etc.

Book Mumbai To Hyderabad Flight Air Ticket Easily And Cheaply!

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is a place of tourist attraction. On the other hand, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. People in Mumbai are always willing to go for short vacations in areas where they can reach within hours. For them reaching Hyderabad is a cake walk since it just takes less than an hour to reach Hyderabad by air.

The cost of a Mumbai to Hyderabad flight air ticket is also quite low compared to many other sectors. You need to make sure that you book your ticket early, especially if you are travelling for holiday and leisure purposes. You can get a ticket for as low as Rs.1500. Some airlines also offer discount for families. So if you are travelling to Hyderabad from Mumbai in flight you are very likely to get a good deal on air fare.


Places To See In Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attraction. The significance and lure of Hyderabad’s historical monuments, forts, museums, and others is too compelling for tourists not to visit this place. You can see the Charminar and enjoy marketing in its vicinity. You can also go to the Salarjung museum, Golkonda Fort, Ramoji Film City, Hussain Sagar Lake, Chowmahalla palace and many more.


There is so much to see in Hyderabad that you need at least 3 days to visit most of the popular tourist spots. So if you have an extended weekend with 3 to 4 days of vacation, you can easily visit Hyderabad from Mumbai and enjoy sightseeing in Hyderabad. In such a scenario a Mumbai to Hyderabad flight air ticket and a return Hyderabad to Mumbai flight can be quite handy. You can start from Mumbai and reach Hyderabad within 2 hours including the check in time. During return too you can start from Hyderabad and return to Mumbai within 2 hours, including the check-in time. In fact, you can join your work after returning to Mumbai from Hyderabad.

Booking a Mumbai to Hyderabad flight air ticket

To book a flight between these two cities you can take the help of online travel portals. They offer a seamless integration with all the airlines operating in the country. So as soon as you make the search, the portal searches for all the flights from Mumbai to Hyderabad on the given date. The search result reflected by these portals can be sorted in order of price of ticket. By default you can get the lowest fare on the uppermost search result.

MBA in Human Resource: An ITM Executive MBA

The ITM group was founded in the year 1991 and offers a range of management programs among others. The ITM EEC (Executive Education Centre) comes under the ITM Group of Institutes. The present day’s demand is to upgrade the skills of the students at a constant rate and provide the aspiring managers the valuable qualification of MBA degree.

TheITM Executive MBA is offered by India’s largest Executive Education Centers (EEC) under which the students opt for Executive MBA Programs. There is a network of 7 centers all around India. The ITM Group also has campuses in Raipur, Vadodara, Chennai, Bangalore, and Pune. Their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree programs are for:

  • Business professionals
  • High-level executives
  • Those who have started a new business
  • Entrepreneurs

ITM EEC Degree

ITM Executive MBA | Image Resource:

How the students opting for an EEC by ITM benefit?

  • Opportunity to start a career with the best companies
  • Know the basics and much more
  • Are groomed to evolve as a great professional
  • Become a part of a great network
  • Learn to focus on important matters
  • Get hands-on experience of the industry
  • Awaken the inner talent

The education provided has the best-recognized quality. This is proved by the Education Excellence Award by Brands Academy. The recognition is given to the institution based on the Executive MBA Program as the “Best Classroom”. The ITM Executive MBA is reviewed in a magazine and ranked the institution as No. 1 Executive MBA for the Corporate in India overall. These institutions conduct classes on-site for corporate for their employees. Thus students get an all-round development making them professionally sound and unparalleled. It is a mark of great excellence for the students who are a part of this degree and this institution. These institutions serve the various needs of working professionals.