Book Mumbai To Hyderabad Flight Air Ticket Easily And Cheaply!

Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, is a place of tourist attraction. On the other hand, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. People in Mumbai are always willing to go for short vacations in areas where they can reach within hours. For them reaching Hyderabad is a cake walk since it just takes less than an hour to reach Hyderabad by air.

The cost of a Mumbai to Hyderabad flight air ticket is also quite low compared to many other sectors. You need to make sure that you book your ticket early, especially if you are travelling for holiday and leisure purposes. You can get a ticket for as low as Rs.1500. Some airlines also offer discount for families. So if you are travelling to Hyderabad from Mumbai in flight you are very likely to get a good deal on air fare.


Places To See In Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attraction. The significance and lure of Hyderabad’s historical monuments, forts, museums, and others is too compelling for tourists not to visit this place. You can see the Charminar and enjoy marketing in its vicinity. You can also go to the Salarjung museum, Golkonda Fort, Ramoji Film City, Hussain Sagar Lake, Chowmahalla palace and many more.


There is so much to see in Hyderabad that you need at least 3 days to visit most of the popular tourist spots. So if you have an extended weekend with 3 to 4 days of vacation, you can easily visit Hyderabad from Mumbai and enjoy sightseeing in Hyderabad. In such a scenario a Mumbai to Hyderabad flight air ticket and a return Hyderabad to Mumbai flight can be quite handy. You can start from Mumbai and reach Hyderabad within 2 hours including the check in time. During return too you can start from Hyderabad and return to Mumbai within 2 hours, including the check-in time. In fact, you can join your work after returning to Mumbai from Hyderabad.

Booking a Mumbai to Hyderabad flight air ticket

To book a flight between these two cities you can take the help of online travel portals. They offer a seamless integration with all the airlines operating in the country. So as soon as you make the search, the portal searches for all the flights from Mumbai to Hyderabad on the given date. The search result reflected by these portals can be sorted in order of price of ticket. By default you can get the lowest fare on the uppermost search result.


MBA in Human Resource: An ITM Executive MBA

The ITM group was founded in the year 1991 and offers a range of management programs among others. The ITM EEC (Executive Education Centre) comes under the ITM Group of Institutes. The present day’s demand is to upgrade the skills of the students at a constant rate and provide the aspiring managers the valuable qualification of MBA degree.

TheITM Executive MBA is offered by India’s largest Executive Education Centers (EEC) under which the students opt for Executive MBA Programs. There is a network of 7 centers all around India. The ITM Group also has campuses in Raipur, Vadodara, Chennai, Bangalore, and Pune. Their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree programs are for:

  • Business professionals
  • High-level executives
  • Those who have started a new business
  • Entrepreneurs

ITM EEC Degree

ITM Executive MBA | Image Resource:

How the students opting for an EEC by ITM benefit?

  • Opportunity to start a career with the best companies
  • Know the basics and much more
  • Are groomed to evolve as a great professional
  • Become a part of a great network
  • Learn to focus on important matters
  • Get hands-on experience of the industry
  • Awaken the inner talent

The education provided has the best-recognized quality. This is proved by the Education Excellence Award by Brands Academy. The recognition is given to the institution based on the Executive MBA Program as the “Best Classroom”. The ITM Executive MBA is reviewed in a magazine and ranked the institution as No. 1 Executive MBA for the Corporate in India overall. These institutions conduct classes on-site for corporate for their employees. Thus students get an all-round development making them professionally sound and unparalleled. It is a mark of great excellence for the students who are a part of this degree and this institution. These institutions serve the various needs of working professionals.

Street Food in Hyderabad- Discovering Hyderabad On A Plate!

Ask any culinary expert, what is the best way to explore a city, and the most common answer that you’ll come across is- experience its unique beauty through the famous street foods. That’s right, travel enthusiasts or foodies, to witness the real magic of Hyderabad you can never overlook the exceptional range of street delicacies.

While a piping hot plate of biryani or irresistible Haleem is the two most important elements that is associated with Hyderabad’s street food culture, the city’s spectrum of street food is incredibly more than this. To help you discover a delicious side of the city, this article throws light upon a list of fascinating street food in Hyderabad.

Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa | Image Resource:

Explore the Finest Street Food in Hyderabad

There can be days when you want to try something beyond the biryani, and this is when the finest street foods can come for the rescue:

Keema Samosa: You must have tried samosa with a potato filling, but have you ever indulged in samosas stuffed with mutton keema? Bite of heaven in itself, this snack is a traditional dish found in almost every part of the city! Another similar variant of keema samosa is the classic lukmi.

Irani Chai

Irani Chai | Image Resource:

Irani Chai: When at Hyderabad, you can never be far away from a soothing cup of Irani chai. Made from 1/4th tea decoction and 3/4th parts of whole milk, this richly delightful tea is often savored with sweet, salty and buttery biscuits.

Falooda with Fruits: For those with a sweet tooth, falooda topped with fresh fruits is a great pick. This traditional dessert comprises of jelly, rose syrup, basil seeds and vermicelli that together brings out amazing burst of flavors. Some vendors also top their falooda with flavored ice-creams and dry fruits too.


Jalebi | Image Resource:

Jalebi: An absolute treasure, the golden, crispy and temping jalebis are another astounding recommendation for sweet lovers. Commonly found across roadside around the major bazaars of the city, these jalebis are an absolute delight that makes foodies coming for more.

Pessarattu Dosa: If you want to have something that’s healthy and tasty at the same time then you can never go wrong with the Pessarattu dosa. Made from whole moong dal (green gram), this nutritious dosa is served along with coconut chutney and hot Andhra style sambar.

Why stick to the old-school dishes, when there’s a lot that you can try at the street food in Hyderabad? There is so much that the city beholds and to experience this you must dive into the delicacies that are exclusively found here.

What Made Dal Makhani A Palatable Dish For Every North Indian?

There are two types of foodies – Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. Both of them have their own tastes and favorite dishes to devour in. But, then there is DAL MAKHANI. This is one dish that is an all-time favorite for every foodie on this planet.

The fondness and devouring feeling that this dish offers can’t be matched even with the Michelin starred dishes. This is the most ordered dish in any restaurant. But, there are only a few who knows what exactly is required to add in the dish to make it a perfect Dal Makhani. And, that is what we call the ultimate dal makhani recipe.

The dal makhani recipe is not really tough, and there are many ways to cook, but then there is only ONE best way that makes us lick our fingers.

This is one dish that has always given a tough competition to the all-time favorite Non-Vegeterian dish – BUTTER CHICKEN. Just like non-vegetarians are head over heels for this dish, similarly, vegetarians have the same sentiments for the Dal Makhani.

But, a dish which is this finger-licking good, was first cooked by whom? Who was the one whose brain and taste-buds helped to bring-out this mesmerizing dish to the World?

Dal Makhani Recipe

Dal Makhani Recipe

History of Dal Makhani Recipe

Let us take a tour to the history of almost every Indian’s favorite dal. Not many know that both Butter chicken and dal makhani were the brainchild of a single man. The man who changed the way a North Indian used to savor on his food.The man we are discussing here is none other than the founder of a famous restaurant named Moti Mahal, Kundal Lal Gujral. He is the one who deserves all the applause and love for giving this revolutionized traditional dish out of black lentils and red kidney beans.

The origin of Dal Makhani backs to the time in the 40s when somewhere in Peshawar, a simple black lentil dal was served with hot rotis in one of the dhabas where Gujral used to work. Then, Gujral came to India after partition bringing along the famous black lentil dal recipe from Peshawar. However, the turning point in this dish came when he tried mixing the same dal with souring agents a.k.a tomatoes and fresh cream. At that time, whenever someone thought of a souring agent it was just Yogurt. But, he was the first one to experiment it with tomatoes thus giving us a lip-smacking recipe of dal makhani(now we get the ‘Makhani’ meaning in it).

Now, with the passing time, people have learned and found out many different ways to cook a dal makhani, but the original taste of it comes only when done the traditional way. Now, dal is a staple food in all North Indian restaurants and at almost every Punjabi’s kitchen. The dal makhani recipe is an easy dish to prepare that doesn’t take a lot of time too.


Food Processing Equipment – Top Quality Tools At The Best Prices

Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Today consumer market is filled with so many packaged food items which cater to different needs. With such a hectic pace of life, it is indeed difficult for people to spend time in food preparation. At time of urgent food needs, a packed food item proves to be highly satisfying for hunger pangs. These foods are not made manually but through heavy food processing machines, which produce them through a series of steps in a very hygienic environment.

Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers: What You Need to Understand

As a supplier of packed food, what are the options available for providing food items that are pleasing and tasty for consumers? You need to provide them with fresh and well-prepared items that are delicious and which can be easily opened for consumption right away. In this context, your food production unit needs to make use of high quality fast food processing equipment manufacturers. How to find the right ones for your factory outlet? Look into reputed manufacturers of such units as they can provide a distinct solution in the form of food processing equipment with the capacity to provide output that you desire. Top food processing equipment manufacturers offer equipment with the following features:

  • Latest CPU technologies are used so that the machinery works with precision and provides a high quality output.
  • Various models are available from which you can select what is best in terms of desired food processing and capacity.
  • Equipment comes with not just one processing capability and two or three enabling a single unit to produce different types of packed food.
  • Made from high grade stainless steel that can withstand constant usage and will not react with food ingredients.
  • Once ingredients have been input in desired quantities, the unit will function smoothly without any manual intervention.
  • Parts can be easily disassembled to carry out repair or cleaning work.

Food processing tool manufacturers come up with ingenious food processing units every year, so look into the various functions of any particular model before making a purchase. They also offer videos which display the working of their food processing equipment, in which you can see how a model that you desire will function, what it takes to carry out work with it and the time frame that it needs to produce any desired output.

Ice Cream Making Machine: What You Need to Know While Buying

Ice Cream Maker Machine

Everyone loves ice cream, be it a youngster or an adult. The delicious taste and rich flavor make it a preferred choice among everyone. If you are planning to start your own ice cream shop or buy an ice cream maker for your home, you can do so easily online. Many stores provide cost-effective ice cream makers for the convenience of shoppers. You can choose the best product online based on the product volume, quantity, price, and other factors.

While choosing an ice cream maker online, there are many things to be taken into account. The first thing to be considered is the price of the product. Many fail to check properly when choosing the ice cream maker machine price end up paying more than what they bargained for. To avoid such issues, it is mandatory to check the price and compare it online before purchasing. This will help you filter the apt product to satisfy your requirement. The ice cream makers are available in different price ranges and different dimensions. With the help of the internet, you can select the apt one to match your needs.

How To Buy The Best Ice Cream Maker Machine Online: A Buyer’s Guide

Buying an ice cream maker online need not be a herculean task. One has the options to choose from an array of ice cream makers that come under different price tags. In addition to ice cream making machines, you can also buy other types of products online at just the touch of a mouse button. Some of the products that you can buy include pilot plants, process equipment, mini dairy plant, milk processing plant, condensed milk making machine, and more.

Get Flavorful Ice Cream With the Best Ice Cream Making Equipment Online

The online stores provide different types of pressure pumps and systems. Some of them include high pressure pumps, reciprocating pumps, high pressure accessories, and more. While choosing a vendor for purchasing ice cream making machines, make it a point to check for the reliability of the vendor. Check for the years of experience and reputation of the seller before choosing one. This plays a vital role as it may affect the quality of the product purchased.

You must also check if the product you purchase comes with a warranty. Other factors to keep in mind while buying a product include the power consumption details, shelf life, capacity, star rating, customer reviews and other related details. So what more do you need? Choose the best ice cream machine online today and save a fortune!

Hyderabad Hotels: Welcoming You For a Grand Stay in the Pearl City


Hyderabad | Image Resource:

Hyderabad is a city that is a perfect amalgamation of the old and the new. One part of the city is dotted with numerous ancient monuments that speak volume about the bygone era. However, the other part of the city is speckled with numerous institutions, multiplexes, theme parks and other modern marvels. This perfect combination of the new and the old make Hyderabad a perfect place for visitors of all kinds. Right from the young to the old, anyone who visits Hyderabad will be in for a surprise!

When it comes to lodging, Hyderabad offers only the best to all its esteemed patrons. Elite travelers visiting the city opt for luxury hotels that come with all the modern conveniences. Budget visitors, on the other hand, opt for economic hotels that come with basic features. There are also cheap hotels that are perfect for those who visit Hyderabad on a very low budget. Booking of rooms can be easily done online as most of the hotels provide user-friendly reservation portals.

Hotels in Hyderabad: Some Top Choices To Check Out

The hotels and resorts in Hyderabad are famed for providing some of the top facilities irrespective of the star ratings. Luxury hotels in Hyderabad such as Leonia Holistic Destination, Golkonda Resorts and Spa, Radisson Blu, etc. never cease to surprise clients. Radisson Blu, in particular, is famous for its extravagant facilities, heartwarming hospitality and friendly services. Located at Banjara Hills, the property provides elegantly done rooms/suites that come with ultramodern comforts.

One of the major highlights at Radisson Blu is the prime location that makes it a preferable choice among travelers. Every room at the hotel is adorned with amenities that include television, turndown service, writing desk, internet, and more. Coffee/tea maker, in-room safe, laundry bag, temperature control and other services are also provided. The staff at the hotel provides personalized services ensuring a relaxing stay for the guests.

Hyderabad Hotels |

Hyderabad Hotels | Image Resource:

Budget Hyderabad Hotels: Luxury at an Affordable Rate!

If you wish to experience luxury without scorching a hole in your wallet, then budget Hyderabad hotels would be the apt choice. Some of the notable names in this category include Hotel Saptagiri, Hotel Hyderabad Grand, and The Central Court, among others. These Hyderabad hotels offer facilities that include 24-hour security, 24-hour front desk, banquet hall, bar, restaurant, and more. Apart from these, the hotels provide business services, recreation options and front desk services.

Booking of Hotels in Hyderabad: A Child’s Play!

Booking of hotels in Pearl City is no longer a daunting task, thanks to the internet. Now, customers can book hotels by narrowing down the choices. One can book hotels by price, star rating, traveler rating, amenities, location, etc. In addition to booking hotels, guests can also book flights and sightseeing tour packages. Not only this, you can compare the rates of the hotels, amenities and services and then make your reservation. The online portals provide all the necessary information for a hassle-free booking experience. Customers need not fret and frown as every minute detail about the hotels can be obtained at just the touch of a mouse button. So what more do you need? Start your holidays by booking rooms today!

Want to Pursue a Career in Human Resource Management? Apply for Diploma HR Courses in Chennai

Diploma HR Courses in Chennai | Image Resource :

At the backend of production of any product or administration, there is a human personality, exertion and working hours. No service or product can be delivered without the assistance of an individual. A person or employee is an essential asset for the development of any organization. Each organization wants to have talented and capable individuals to make their organization the best in the world.

There are five Ms of management:





And Methods

Human resource management is concerned with the first M that is men. The workforce of any organization is its most important asset. Hence, it becomes important to have the best people working for you. Human Resource Management has emerged as a popular course choice amongst individuals. With the help of the right managers, managing human resources becomes an easy task. The work of an HR professional is to understand the ideologies of every individual in the organization and sync it with the company’s goal.

All about Diploma HR courses that can be pursued in Chennai

The growth prospects of the human resource have led to the surge of the Diploma in Human Resource is a certificate level course. The duration of the course is 1-year. The course deals with the study of human resource and its management. This course can prove to be a career booster for working professionals.

Humans are one of the most important rather the most important resource of an organization. Therefore, it is vital that this resource base is overseen appropriately and viable. A diploma course in Human Resource Management is designed for giving that fundamental aptitudes and information to the applicants so that they end up being a compelling human resource management, experts.

The course is planned and organized in a way thus, as to satisfy the need of the by producing highly skilled and qualified HR experts who capable of bringing the best out of the available manpower. The best part about the diploma courses is that these are designed as per the industry norms, thus enabling the students to have a more practical approach.

In this course, the candidates learn and obtain basic leadership abilities, figure out how to recognize the points of interest and weaknesses of various alternatives which help them to go in the best direction in any circumstance. Since the principal target of this course is the administration of HR, understudies likewise figure out how to assemble solid relational and relational abilities that will assist them with interacting with individuals while working for an association. Some of the skills which this course focusses on nurturing include:

• Decision making

• Organization skill

• Training and development

• Employee retention

• Budget management

• Administration

• Leadership skills

The course likewise furnishes understudies with authoritative aptitudes. In this course, understudies will likewise pick up learning about good and ethics and inspiring attitude for societal flourishing, systematic and critical thinking aptitudes, and regulatory capacities to have the choice to facilitate the staff and deal with the errands of each division.

Who should opt for this course?

Diploma in human resource is not meant for everyone. Only those who have the zest of management should pursue this course. The students who have sound problem-solving and decision-making abilities should opt for this course. The diploma HR courses in Chennai course is suitable for those students, who are determined to have their career in management and HR management.

Admission Process of Diploma HR Courses in Chennai

The admission process to the PGDHRM course differs from institutions to institutions, the basic requirement or the process remains the same.

Eligibility Criteria – The students who want to apply for PGDHRM should possess a bachelor degree in any stream from a recognized university or institution.

Usually, the admission process includes two steps. In the first stage of the admission process, the student has to qualify an entrance examination or institutional test (this varies from one institute to another). After this, the student has to qualify the personal interview conducted by the institution. During the personal interview, a student is asked about his/her prior knowledge, achievements and other personal aspects.

Some institutions do not conduct any entrance examination for PGDHRM. They allow only those students to sit in a personal interview who have already qualified some common entrance test.

Career Opportunities after PGDHRM
A post-graduate diploma in human resource management degree open doors of several career opportunities for the pass outs. HR is such a profession in which one gets the chance to interact with different persons of different personalities and different cultural and societal backgrounds. An organization hires a PGDHRM graduate for one of the following posts –

1. HR Executive– This is one of the preliminary position for which the fresher’s are hired. Their KRA includes screening resume, calling for interviews, admin management and allied work. However, over a period of time, this work enhances and they shift from generic role to a specific one.

2. Employee Relation Manager – One of the key work of HR personnel is to ensure that the right human resource is hired for the organization. An employee relation manager is also known as a human resource specialist. An ER Manager is mainly concerned with the screening of the candidates, conducting interviews and other recruitment procedures. Other than hiring, a human resource specialist advises and counsels the managers regarding various personnel practices, employment rules and policy of the organization.

3. Staffing Director – Staffing executive is totally in charge of procuring the workers in the organization. He/she is additionally responsible for taking care of the circumstance anything turns out badly with those workers. It is an exceptionally enormous duty as the staffing director needs to fabricate brilliant and financially savvy techniques.

4. Training and Development Manager – The training and development manager organizes training for the new representative, and furthermore when the requirement for training emerges for different workers for the organization.

5. HR Generalist – After working as HR expert for a period of time an individual is promoted to the post of HR Generalist. The role of an HR Generalist is to supervise staffing, employee orientation, space management, professional and personal development of employees, etc. An HR Generalist plays a vital role in the decision-making process of an organization.

6. Compensation Manager – A compensation manager is broadly in charge of planning the finance and compensation arrangements for the representatives. They have to reconsider the rules according to the changing financial or government guidelines.

7. Start your own consultancy- If you have work experience and are looking for starting your consultancy, then this course can be a guiding platform. It teaches the nitty-gritties of working as an HR , thus helping the individuals who want to enter an entrepreneurial venture.

Tabular representation of some of the key roles of HR professionals and their salary

Title KRA Salary
HR Executive This is one of the starting posts, here the individual is responsible for selecting, screening and meeting the candidates for the interview. 2,50,000 to 8,50,000
HR Managers These are intermediaries between Senior management and the workforce. 2,40,000 to 7,80,000
Admin Assistant This is one of the roles of HR professionals . Drafting message, managing things at the office and bolster other staff  3,20,000 to 1,080,000

The PGDHRM is a two years’ full-time management program which offers a lot of chances in the enlisting and staffing process. It is the most astounding quality program in the zone of Human Resources Management as it is proactively intended to give qualified, appropriate, and skilled HR experts with adequate information of a business to every industry.

Essential Tips While Cooking Any Rajma Recipe

In the Northern part of India, rajma is a common item that is included in the diet of all people. Rajma is not only filling, but it is also packed with several health benefits. Rajma is free of fat and rich in folate, magnesium and various other important minerals. 100 gms of rajma contain around 333 calories. Together, all these nutrients help the body to boost your metabolism, fight different medical disorders and also allow you to improve your digestion.

So, whenever you are cooking any rajma recipe, you are providing your body with a good amount of protein. It is great food for individuals of all ages. However, there are some essential tips that will help you to cook a delicious rajma dish every time you want to. Therefore, we have brought you some very important tips which will surely help you to create a delicious and mouthwatering rajma dish.

Tips to make the best rajma recipe

Choosing the right rajma – Make sure that you always choose a new stock of rajma beans always. Old stock of rajma does not cook well, and therefore it will not bring the best taste and become much more difficult to cook.

Rajma recipe

Soak the rajma – Always remember to soak the rajma into a cup of fresh water for at least 8-9 hours. It is vital to make sure to soak them in water in order to soften them. It allows the beans to absorb some water and allows you to cook much easily. It is recommended that you soak them overnight.

Spices – Use only good quality spices to cook any of your homemade rajma recipes. Spices enhance the taste of the rajma dish and give the absolutely perfect essence to your dish. The addition of garam masala and ginger paste is very refreshing. Many people also use coriander or red chilli masala for a different kind of taste and flavor.

Slow cooking – The process of slow cooking is the key to cook a delicious and mouthwatering dish of rajma. It adds to the thickness of the curry and allows the flavors and spices to get absorbed into the beans. In the last stage of the recipe, cook and stir the items well for at least 5-10 minutes.

Follow these essential tips the next time you enter the kitchen to make a rajma preparation, and enjoy a perfectly cooked rajma recipe very easily.

Journey In Comfort And Speed With Bangalore To Delhi Flights

Flights are the best means of commuting to any key metro city in the country and also to secondary cities. They are a fast and effective means of commuting enabling you reached the destination on time to attend desired work. With the availability of online booking system, ticket purchase can be completed in minutes. You can finish booking tickets on the carrier of your choice by using airline’s website or a travel portal.

Book Low-Cost Bangalore To Delhi Flights For An Inexpensive Journey

Out of the many cities to be connected by quick and convenient flights, an important one is Bangalore and Delhi. Flights operating between them do so on a daily basis, carrying huge number of passengers so that they are able to commute with speed and also in comfort.

Bangalore To Delhi Flights

Bangalore To Delhi Flights | Image Resource :

Bangalore to Delhi flights offer quick and easy commuting between these two important metro cities which are known for their development and bustling activity. Both are rich in their culture and heritage and are visited by thousands everyday owing to their immense tourist attractions. You can easily book tickets between them by opting for cheap fights. These flights offer immense relief enabling you to journey in comfort and at low cost, which helps save enormously in the trip.

Air India

Air India | Image Resource:

Some of the many carriers offering Bangalore to Delhi flights include air Asia, SpiceJet, Go Air, Indigo, Air India etc. Some of these carriers are low-cost ones, wherein they cut the many frills of flying and offer a reduced ticket rate to travelers. Those wanting to journey between Bangalore and Delhi urgently for business or personal reasons will find them to be just right for their needs.

Check out online travel portals to find some of the most attractive ticket offers by which rates can be reduced on flights between Bangalore and Delhi. Look into the flight timetable to pick the most suitable date and time, based on which booking can be done. You will find such flights to offer just the kind of journey needed when you have to travel alone for official or personal reasons.