What Made Dal Makhani A Palatable Dish For Every North Indian?

There are two types of foodies – Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. Both of them have their own tastes and favorite dishes to devour in. But, then there is DAL MAKHANI. This is one dish that is an all-time favorite for every foodie on this planet.

The fondness and devouring feeling that this dish offers can’t be matched even with the Michelin starred dishes. This is the most ordered dish in any restaurant. But, there are only a few who knows what exactly is required to add in the dish to make it a perfect Dal Makhani. And, that is what we call the ultimate dal makhani recipe.

The dal makhani recipe is not really tough, and there are many ways to cook, but then there is only ONE best way that makes us lick our fingers.

This is one dish that has always given a tough competition to the all-time favorite Non-Vegeterian dish – BUTTER CHICKEN. Just like non-vegetarians are head over heels for this dish, similarly, vegetarians have the same sentiments for the Dal Makhani.

But, a dish which is this finger-licking good, was first cooked by whom? Who was the one whose brain and taste-buds helped to bring-out this mesmerizing dish to the World?

Dal Makhani Recipe

Dal Makhani Recipe

History of Dal Makhani Recipe

Let us take a tour to the history of almost every Indian’s favorite dal. Not many know that both Butter chicken and dal makhani were the brainchild of a single man. The man who changed the way a North Indian used to savor on his food.The man we are discussing here is none other than the founder of a famous restaurant named Moti Mahal, Kundal Lal Gujral. He is the one who deserves all the applause and love for giving this revolutionized traditional dish out of black lentils and red kidney beans.

The origin of Dal Makhani backs to the time in the 40s when somewhere in Peshawar, a simple black lentil dal was served with hot rotis in one of the dhabas where Gujral used to work. Then, Gujral came to India after partition bringing along the famous black lentil dal recipe from Peshawar. However, the turning point in this dish came when he tried mixing the same dal with souring agents a.k.a tomatoes and fresh cream. At that time, whenever someone thought of a souring agent it was just Yogurt. But, he was the first one to experiment it with tomatoes thus giving us a lip-smacking recipe of dal makhani(now we get the ‘Makhani’ meaning in it).

Now, with the passing time, people have learned and found out many different ways to cook a dal makhani, but the original taste of it comes only when done the traditional way. Now, dal is a staple food in all North Indian restaurants and at almost every Punjabi’s kitchen. The dal makhani recipe is an easy dish to prepare that doesn’t take a lot of time too.


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