Want to Pursue a Career in Human Resource Management? Apply for Diploma HR Courses in Chennai


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At the backend of production of any product or administration, there is a human personality, exertion and working hours. No service or product can be delivered without the assistance of an individual. A person or employee is an essential asset for the development of any organization. Each organization wants to have talented and capable individuals to make their organization the best in the world.

There are five Ms of management:





And Methods

Human resource management is concerned with the first M that is men. The workforce of any organization is its most important asset. Hence, it becomes important to have the best people working for you. Human Resource Management has emerged as a popular course choice amongst individuals. With the help of the right managers, managing human resources becomes an easy task. The work of an HR professional is to understand the ideologies of every individual in the organization and sync it with the company’s goal.

All about Diploma HR courses that can be pursued in Chennai

The growth prospects of the human resource have led to the surge of the Diploma in Human Resource is a certificate level course. The duration of the course is 1-year. The course deals with the study of human resource and its management. This course can prove to be a career booster for working professionals.

Humans are one of the most important rather the most important resource of an organization. Therefore, it is vital that this resource base is overseen appropriately and viable. A diploma course in Human Resource Management is designed for giving that fundamental aptitudes and information to the applicants so that they end up being a compelling human resource management, experts.

The course is planned and organized in a way thus, as to satisfy the need of the by producing highly skilled and qualified HR experts who capable of bringing the best out of the available manpower. The best part about the diploma courses is that these are designed as per the industry norms, thus enabling the students to have a more practical approach.

In this course, the candidates learn and obtain basic leadership abilities, figure out how to recognize the points of interest and weaknesses of various alternatives which help them to go in the best direction in any circumstance. Since the principal target of this course is the administration of HR, understudies likewise figure out how to assemble solid relational and relational abilities that will assist them with interacting with individuals while working for an association. Some of the skills which this course focusses on nurturing include:

• Decision making

• Organization skill

• Training and development

• Employee retention

• Budget management

• Administration

• Leadership skills

The course likewise furnishes understudies with authoritative aptitudes. In this course, understudies will likewise pick up learning about good and ethics and inspiring attitude for societal flourishing, systematic and critical thinking aptitudes, and regulatory capacities to have the choice to facilitate the staff and deal with the errands of each division.

Who should opt for this course?

Diploma in human resource is not meant for everyone. Only those who have the zest of management should pursue this course. The students who have sound problem-solving and decision-making abilities should opt for this course. The diploma HR courses in Chennai course is suitable for those students, who are determined to have their career in management and HR management.

Admission Process of Diploma HR Courses in Chennai

The admission process to the PGDHRM course differs from institutions to institutions, the basic requirement or the process remains the same.

Eligibility Criteria – The students who want to apply for PGDHRM should possess a bachelor degree in any stream from a recognized university or institution.

Usually, the admission process includes two steps. In the first stage of the admission process, the student has to qualify an entrance examination or institutional test (this varies from one institute to another). After this, the student has to qualify the personal interview conducted by the institution. During the personal interview, a student is asked about his/her prior knowledge, achievements and other personal aspects.

Some institutions do not conduct any entrance examination for PGDHRM. They allow only those students to sit in a personal interview who have already qualified some common entrance test.

Career Opportunities after PGDHRM
A post-graduate diploma in human resource management degree open doors of several career opportunities for the pass outs. HR is such a profession in which one gets the chance to interact with different persons of different personalities and different cultural and societal backgrounds. An organization hires a PGDHRM graduate for one of the following posts –

1. HR Executive– This is one of the preliminary position for which the fresher’s are hired. Their KRA includes screening resume, calling for interviews, admin management and allied work. However, over a period of time, this work enhances and they shift from generic role to a specific one.

2. Employee Relation Manager – One of the key work of HR personnel is to ensure that the right human resource is hired for the organization. An employee relation manager is also known as a human resource specialist. An ER Manager is mainly concerned with the screening of the candidates, conducting interviews and other recruitment procedures. Other than hiring, a human resource specialist advises and counsels the managers regarding various personnel practices, employment rules and policy of the organization.

3. Staffing Director – Staffing executive is totally in charge of procuring the workers in the organization. He/she is additionally responsible for taking care of the circumstance anything turns out badly with those workers. It is an exceptionally enormous duty as the staffing director needs to fabricate brilliant and financially savvy techniques.

4. Training and Development Manager – The training and development manager organizes training for the new representative, and furthermore when the requirement for training emerges for different workers for the organization.

5. HR Generalist – After working as HR expert for a period of time an individual is promoted to the post of HR Generalist. The role of an HR Generalist is to supervise staffing, employee orientation, space management, professional and personal development of employees, etc. An HR Generalist plays a vital role in the decision-making process of an organization.

6. Compensation Manager – A compensation manager is broadly in charge of planning the finance and compensation arrangements for the representatives. They have to reconsider the rules according to the changing financial or government guidelines.

7. Start your own consultancy- If you have work experience and are looking for starting your consultancy, then this course can be a guiding platform. It teaches the nitty-gritties of working as an HR , thus helping the individuals who want to enter an entrepreneurial venture.

Tabular representation of some of the key roles of HR professionals and their salary

Title KRA Salary
HR Executive This is one of the starting posts, here the individual is responsible for selecting, screening and meeting the candidates for the interview. 2,50,000 to 8,50,000
HR Managers These are intermediaries between Senior management and the workforce. 2,40,000 to 7,80,000
Admin Assistant This is one of the roles of HR professionals . Drafting message, managing things at the office and bolster other staff  3,20,000 to 1,080,000

The PGDHRM is a two years’ full-time management program which offers a lot of chances in the enlisting and staffing process. It is the most astounding quality program in the zone of Human Resources Management as it is proactively intended to give qualified, appropriate, and skilled HR experts with adequate information of a business to every industry.

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