Essential Tips While Cooking Any Rajma Recipe

In the Northern part of India, rajma is a common item that is included in the diet of all people. Rajma is not only filling, but it is also packed with several health benefits. Rajma is free of fat and rich in folate, magnesium and various other important minerals. 100 gms of rajma contain around 333 calories. Together, all these nutrients help the body to boost your metabolism, fight different medical disorders and also allow you to improve your digestion.

So, whenever you are cooking any rajma recipe, you are providing your body with a good amount of protein. It is great food for individuals of all ages. However, there are some essential tips that will help you to cook a delicious rajma dish every time you want to. Therefore, we have brought you some very important tips which will surely help you to create a delicious and mouthwatering rajma dish.

Tips to make the best rajma recipe

Choosing the right rajma – Make sure that you always choose a new stock of rajma beans always. Old stock of rajma does not cook well, and therefore it will not bring the best taste and become much more difficult to cook.

Rajma recipe

Soak the rajma – Always remember to soak the rajma into a cup of fresh water for at least 8-9 hours. It is vital to make sure to soak them in water in order to soften them. It allows the beans to absorb some water and allows you to cook much easily. It is recommended that you soak them overnight.

Spices – Use only good quality spices to cook any of your homemade rajma recipes. Spices enhance the taste of the rajma dish and give the absolutely perfect essence to your dish. The addition of garam masala and ginger paste is very refreshing. Many people also use coriander or red chilli masala for a different kind of taste and flavor.

Slow cooking – The process of slow cooking is the key to cook a delicious and mouthwatering dish of rajma. It adds to the thickness of the curry and allows the flavors and spices to get absorbed into the beans. In the last stage of the recipe, cook and stir the items well for at least 5-10 minutes.

Follow these essential tips the next time you enter the kitchen to make a rajma preparation, and enjoy a perfectly cooked rajma recipe very easily.

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