How Distinct And Essential Social Media Is For Digital Marketing?

Social media is evolving too fast. A Digital Marketing consultant understands and knows how to use such revolutionary platforms for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

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Let’s list out some USPs of major social media platforms:

1. A large number of users:

A Digital Marketing consultant would be always in search of the audience or the users for his/her product. And social media’s biggest USP in current time is its number of users. Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users as of the beginning of 2018. Among them, 270 million users are from India only which holds the record for the highest number of users. Even the founder country America is behind with 30 million fewer users. The twitter enjoys 262.7 million users as of now. So as YouTube has massive numbers of viewers in the form of 1.58 billion. This thing makes all these social media platforms distinct in the eyes of a Digital Marketing consultant from other digital places to market.

2. Free of cost:

We are living in an era of viral sensations and a few hours of fame where we almost forgot that all these memes, debates, anger and personal life sharing we are doing are totally free of cost. It’s organic now but if we think twice it would seem that the world has changed unbelievably. All these posts a Digital Marketing consultant put on Facebook or, for instance, are completely cost-free. The only thing one has to invest here is the time.

3. Numerous features:

A Digital Marketing consultant would find a wide range of options to place the product or service into a marketing campaign. Now social media is generating a new feature every day. Even the paid promotion is not a mandated thing, its a choice. One could choose a proper way of promotion according to the businesses. The social media features allow every kind of content format prepared by a Digital Marketing consultant.

Digital marketing isn’t all about social media. But social media so much about digital marketing and a Digital Marketing consultant must note the power and advantages of social media.

Let’s list out some vital advantages of social media:

1. Increases brand loyalty:

More the conversation, more the attachment, and loyalty. Social media gives almost none of its kind opportunity of two-way communication and that too way efficiently. The communication allows the next level of relationship. A survey of a Digital Marketing consultant says that 53% of Americans are loyal to the businesses on social media. It gives instant feedback.

2. Sharing:

On the website, you can’t get that much of sharing which you get on social media even if it’s so brilliantly prepared by any Digital Marketing consultant. Every social media platform has the sharing option and we see numerous sharing every day. Even a ‘good morning’ message sharing creates unbearable traffic for the developers.

3. Paid promotion:

The paid promotion gives so many possibilities to situate the details that you could fill in whatever it demands. And also it dispenses an instant result.

4. Targeting audience:

A Digital Marketing consultant never wishes to waste the resources without knowing and way to reach the target audience. Social media is the mightiest platform where one can get the accuracy to target the audience.

Major social media platforms:

There are lots of new social media sites pop up every day. The sites inclined so much into people’s virtual social life. But these sites also provide an efficient platform for digital marketing. Every digital marketing consultancy knows the potential of various social media platform and already are into it for years. Each platform has invented some features, especially for the promotion and advertisement. These features could help businesses to promote their products and services.

Hence, a digital marketing consultancy helps their business clients to boost their ideologies on social media separately. In fact, social media is becoming a vital part of digital marketing in every digital marketing consultancy.

So, let’s list out some of the primary social media sites and their key areas which plays an important part in digital marketing as any digital marketing consultancy would refer.


Facebook | Image Resource :


Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms which also has a number of features that no other platform possesses. Earlier we used to boost our posts but now with the help of their new section ‘Facebook business manager’, we can create a new campaign of multiple ads with freedom of targeting audience, their locations, interests, etc. Also, it allows for creating multiple kinds of advertisements accordingly. The data analytics for it is very insightful. There’s also another way that is of making something trending as any digital marketing consultancy would suggest. If a number of people write the same thing with the hashtag (#)ahead of that Facebook puts that into their trending section.


Any digital marketing consultancy in India would agree that Instagram is one of the fastest emerging social media destinations. It has a short attention span but people love to scroll the feeds in free time. We could generate a sponsored post with a call to action using a separate business account. Nowadays brands are paying to the social media influencer to post something related to them. digital marketing consultancy says that there are some Instagram celebrities who are earning an unexpected number of dollars only from this.


Twitter | Image Resource :


Twitter is famous for its crisp and intelligent quote kind of writing. A large number of users are the reason the tweets and retweets regarding business advertisement could get an enormous benefit. One could start a paid ad. Campaign as well with the help of some digital marketing consultancy.


A few years ago no one would believe that there would be YouTube celebrities. Now think if this is the scenario from any digital marketing consultancy point of view, then how much it would be influencing its users. Even movie stars are coming to YouTube channels for their promotions, it’s a new opportunity for brands to market their services. There are three ways any business could get promoted on YouTube. One is to start a new channel and uploading advertisement videos. Second is by collaborating and sponsoring with any well-established channel. And third is to make a proper advertisement to get appeared at the beginning of any videos as part of YouTube’s Monetization policy.

Hence, as per any digital marketing consultancy, the businesses could easily encash the increasing popularity of several social media platforms. These are only a few of them but the most considerable.

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