Hotels In Chandigarh: Posh Hotels That Takes Your Breath Away!

Chandigarh is an amazing city with its well-planned structure and most importantly modern facade and facilities which impresses everyone right away. Amazingly, it serves as the capital of both states Punjab and haryana. Despite it being such a modern city, it is entrenched in ancient history through remnants of the Harappan Civilization still being around. Its official emblem the ‘Open Hand’ stands for peace. Sightsee and relish in the beauty of this majestic city by booking into elegant hotels in Chandigarh.

Hotels In Chandigarh

Hotels In Chandigarh

Hotels In Chandigarh For A Rejuvenating Staying Experience!

Enjoy a splendid time in the posh city of Chandigarh by booking rooms at the marvelous hotels in Chandigarh. You will find the Hyatt Regency to be a majestic place to stay with its ultra-modern ambiance and finest of guest facilities. This hotel will delight you with its simple but sophisticated rooms which include every important facility ranging from plush bedding, modern baths to television, fridge and much more. With 24 hours room service, latest business facilities, modern recreation and travel desk, all guest needs are well taken care of, giving them a cozy retreat.

The Lalit Chandigarh, ingeniously located right in the heart of the city, is an elegant and modern accommodation. The room interiors are very spacious, and fitted with a modern decor, elevated by latest guest comforts. The hotel is like a palace of yester years and mesmerises you with its sprawling lawns and delicious food served in its multicuisine restaurant. Spa, boutique, travel desk, room service etc are some of the other facilities to be enjoyed here.

Chandigarh Hotels : Be Engulfed in the lap of luxury!

At the James Hotel you will feel as is engulfed in the lap of luxury. Fine room, super sophisticated ambiance plus modern guest comforts enhance your staying experience to a higher platitude. Impeccable guest comforts, India as well as oriental restaurant plus pool side bar add to your comfort. 24 hours room service, business facilities, recreation and travel desk etc are some of the many facilities available through which you can enjoy a fabulous time here.

Situated right in the heart of the city is Hotel KLG Starlite, fitted with cozyand modern rooms that offer beautiful views of the city plus A very modernly decorated hotel, its interiors are very comfortable, simple and chic. Rooms are fitted with latest guest comforts and the restaurant offers the most delicious of food from across the coutnry and Asian continent. Travel desk, recreation facilities and kid’s swimming pool are some of the many facilities that enhance guest staying experience.

Hotel Turquoise

Hotel Turquoise

Check into Hotel Turquoise, which is one of the best Chandigarh hotels to stay with its luxurious guest rooms fitted with high quality comforts and facilities. Its very posh interiors will amaze you with style and elegance and its lovely restaurant entices with delicious world class cuisine. Well appointed rooms add to your staying comforts and their facilities enable you to enjoy an elevated gust staying experience. Other features include business center, 24 hours room service and travel desk.

How Distinct And Essential Social Media Is For Digital Marketing?

Social media is evolving too fast. A Digital Marketing consultant understands and knows how to use such revolutionary platforms for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing | Image Resource :

Let’s list out some USPs of major social media platforms:

1. A large number of users:

A Digital Marketing consultant would be always in search of the audience or the users for his/her product. And social media’s biggest USP in current time is its number of users. Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users as of the beginning of 2018. Among them, 270 million users are from India only which holds the record for the highest number of users. Even the founder country America is behind with 30 million fewer users. The twitter enjoys 262.7 million users as of now. So as YouTube has massive numbers of viewers in the form of 1.58 billion. This thing makes all these social media platforms distinct in the eyes of a Digital Marketing consultant from other digital places to market.

2. Free of cost:

We are living in an era of viral sensations and a few hours of fame where we almost forgot that all these memes, debates, anger and personal life sharing we are doing are totally free of cost. It’s organic now but if we think twice it would seem that the world has changed unbelievably. All these posts a Digital Marketing consultant put on Facebook or, for instance, are completely cost-free. The only thing one has to invest here is the time.

3. Numerous features:

A Digital Marketing consultant would find a wide range of options to place the product or service into a marketing campaign. Now social media is generating a new feature every day. Even the paid promotion is not a mandated thing, its a choice. One could choose a proper way of promotion according to the businesses. The social media features allow every kind of content format prepared by a Digital Marketing consultant.

Digital marketing isn’t all about social media. But social media so much about digital marketing and a Digital Marketing consultant must note the power and advantages of social media.

Let’s list out some vital advantages of social media:

1. Increases brand loyalty:

More the conversation, more the attachment, and loyalty. Social media gives almost none of its kind opportunity of two-way communication and that too way efficiently. The communication allows the next level of relationship. A survey of a Digital Marketing consultant says that 53% of Americans are loyal to the businesses on social media. It gives instant feedback.

2. Sharing:

On the website, you can’t get that much of sharing which you get on social media even if it’s so brilliantly prepared by any Digital Marketing consultant. Every social media platform has the sharing option and we see numerous sharing every day. Even a ‘good morning’ message sharing creates unbearable traffic for the developers.

3. Paid promotion:

The paid promotion gives so many possibilities to situate the details that you could fill in whatever it demands. And also it dispenses an instant result.

4. Targeting audience:

A Digital Marketing consultant never wishes to waste the resources without knowing and way to reach the target audience. Social media is the mightiest platform where one can get the accuracy to target the audience.

Major social media platforms:

There are lots of new social media sites pop up every day. The sites inclined so much into people’s virtual social life. But these sites also provide an efficient platform for digital marketing. Every digital marketing consultancy knows the potential of various social media platform and already are into it for years. Each platform has invented some features, especially for the promotion and advertisement. These features could help businesses to promote their products and services.

Hence, a digital marketing consultancy helps their business clients to boost their ideologies on social media separately. In fact, social media is becoming a vital part of digital marketing in every digital marketing consultancy.

So, let’s list out some of the primary social media sites and their key areas which plays an important part in digital marketing as any digital marketing consultancy would refer.


Facebook | Image Resource :


Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms which also has a number of features that no other platform possesses. Earlier we used to boost our posts but now with the help of their new section ‘Facebook business manager’, we can create a new campaign of multiple ads with freedom of targeting audience, their locations, interests, etc. Also, it allows for creating multiple kinds of advertisements accordingly. The data analytics for it is very insightful. There’s also another way that is of making something trending as any digital marketing consultancy would suggest. If a number of people write the same thing with the hashtag (#)ahead of that Facebook puts that into their trending section.


Any digital marketing consultancy in India would agree that Instagram is one of the fastest emerging social media destinations. It has a short attention span but people love to scroll the feeds in free time. We could generate a sponsored post with a call to action using a separate business account. Nowadays brands are paying to the social media influencer to post something related to them. digital marketing consultancy says that there are some Instagram celebrities who are earning an unexpected number of dollars only from this.


Twitter | Image Resource :


Twitter is famous for its crisp and intelligent quote kind of writing. A large number of users are the reason the tweets and retweets regarding business advertisement could get an enormous benefit. One could start a paid ad. Campaign as well with the help of some digital marketing consultancy.


A few years ago no one would believe that there would be YouTube celebrities. Now think if this is the scenario from any digital marketing consultancy point of view, then how much it would be influencing its users. Even movie stars are coming to YouTube channels for their promotions, it’s a new opportunity for brands to market their services. There are three ways any business could get promoted on YouTube. One is to start a new channel and uploading advertisement videos. Second is by collaborating and sponsoring with any well-established channel. And third is to make a proper advertisement to get appeared at the beginning of any videos as part of YouTube’s Monetization policy.

Hence, as per any digital marketing consultancy, the businesses could easily encash the increasing popularity of several social media platforms. These are only a few of them but the most considerable.

Super Useful Tips When Hiring The Best Digital Marketing Agency

Whenever you enter the business world online, first advice that everybody gives you is hiring the service of a digital marketing agency for increasing your business rankings and the promotions on the internet. The professional online marketing services firm knows to register the company’s presence online. It does not just help to boost your sales but opens the venues for extending the business on a global scale. Thus, it is not very surprising to say these digital marketing services come at the price. But, not all marketing companies online are very good for your online business. You have to find the best one that actually suits your requirements as well as matches to your budget.

You must take complete care of certain things before you hire the digital marketing agency for your online business promotions. Because you’re investing in something, it’s just fair you get the chance to check out whether the investment is totally worth it. So, here are some super useful tips when hiring the online marketing agency for your online business:

Check the company website
Checking the company’s digital marketing website is better than to read the sales pitch! This tells you much about what is on an offer. There are some people who may say that the agency that is very busy with the clients may not have a lot of time spent on their own website. However, one must always put the best foot ahead and result oriented and experienced internet marketing firm will have an impressive website.

Know about the professionals working in the digital marketing company
The company is run by its employees. Therefore, it is advisable to do a little background research on the professionals that are hired by the marketing company. You must have the complete knowledge of what type of skill sets that they’re carrying. Know what type of digital marketing training course certificates they hold.

Interact with the current and earlier clients of an agency
Majority of the companies list the clients’ names as well as websites in the feedback section. You must take a little time out & contact the clients of a company and know the real views about any digital marketing services that they received.

Look for the rates
The good business makes the budget and finds the best quality of services within the set limit. It’s advisable to always ask for the price quotes as well as negotiate with the digital marketing firms before you agree to the full terms.

Find the digital marketing firm that matches to your company requirements
The internet marketing strategy for the jewelry website may not work very well for the medicines business. You must look for the internet marketing company, which either specializes to promote the business type or worked earlier for a similar client.

How Digital Marketing Is Vital?

There are a few new ways that are much faster, practical as well as versatile than old and traditional ones. So, the following are some common types of digital marketing

  • Online Advertising
  • Blogs
  • PPC advertising
  • Website SEO content)
  • Online video content
  • Mobile marketing (MMS, SMS, and more)
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and G+)
  • Email marketing

Importance of the digital marketing service works not just in the favor of the marketers, but it also provides something very innovative to their consumers as well. Let’s understand the importance of digital marketing.

Cost Efficient
It’s very cost effective than traditional marketing. It is very important for small businesses since they do not have several resources and capital. The new media will provide you with the less costly and viable promoting channel.

Use Content for Connecting it with Customers
Using digital content sponsored and free allows you to interact with the customers adequately than the direct mail and PR campaigns. Quality of your internet presence now is connected to your business achievement through digital marketing.

Take in Account Your Mobile Customer
The innovation has now evolved to such an extent that the mobile devices are not thought to be the simple options to laptops or PCs. Around 91% of the grownups have their phone devices and often use this to browse the internet. There is a huge group of the customers who are using their cell phone devices daily, thus it is very important to use the marketing solution and advertisements that will target such devices rightly.

Acknowledge the Higher ROI & Revenue
Just by increasing digital marketing outreach, you may build your revenue. More information you will extract from the outreach campaigns, better your expectations & ROI will be.

Track Your Customer’s Journey
Using analytics services such as Google Analytics, you can monitor your client’s activities, any preferences or get better insight into the behavior. The analytics allows you to build a persona of your customer with a goal that you may offer them an ideal experience of digital marketing.

Expanded Conversions
Suppose you have the internet business and you’re advertising products or services on the internet, you also can measure the success by the incoming traffic, which gets changed over in subscribers, leads and sales and in this way, you may ascertain and improve your conversion rates through digital marketing.

Empower the Social Media Engagement
In an event that you want the organization to expand, you may gain new customers using various social media channels. You need to ensure that you focus on the customers based on the interests, country, and ages. In this way, you can better interact with your customers and empower engagement via digital marketing.

Build Trust
The digital marketing generally develops from the social verification, genuine testimonials and social media signals from the customers who have used it beforehand, joined, acquired and profited from the service and product that are advertised by the business. Most of the customers will trust the service or product who gives positive feedback and information about the specific brand. Thus, taking suggestion with the strong following on Twitter or Facebook can represent your deciding moment for your business. As the matter of fact, it is highly effective digital marketing resources.

Hassle Free Ways To Book Your Train Ticket Online!

One of the major concerns of people while planning a trip, is the availably of tickets. Once the destination is finalized the effort to book tickets start. Getting availability of preferred trains is really difficult, especially if travelling during the peak season then getting preferred booking is slightly difficult.

Being one of the biggest rail networks of the world, Indian Railways connects a large number of destinations throughout the country, which can be reached with utmost comfort.

The first step naturally is getting your tickets booked and confirmed, which can easily be done through the IRCTC app. With changing times and developments in technology the Indian railways have started their own app which allows passengers to book tickets online. This train tickets booking app is a very easy and user friendly way of booking train tickets online.

Thus to book tickets all you have to do is log on to the IRCTC app and sign up as a new user. In case you have already registered, you just need to log in and start your online ticket booking.

Train Ticket Online

Online Train Ticket Booking App

Book Your Ticket Through Online Train Ticket Booking App In Few Simple Steps

Booking train tickets online is a very simple process. Passengers just have to choose the station of origin and the station of destination. Once that is done, passengers need to choose whether they want to do a normal train booking, or a Tatkal booking or a ladies quota booking.

A list of trains plying through the route with options to choose from for travel classes is given with their arrival at the destination and departure at source online. Passengers can choose each option and check for the availability of seats and the current booking status. After choosing the preferred option, passengers can finalize their train booking by entering their details and paying online.

Along with the ticket booking, these online train ticket booking app also offers several other services such as checking the PNR status online, cancel/reschedule tickets, check the availability of the trains etc. There is also a facility for passenger to make flight and hotel booking on the app.

With the online train ticket booking apps there is no need for passengers to wait in long queue. In case a particular train is booked full or is not available then passengers can easily check for other options on the app itself.