Reasons Why to Go In For A PGDM Degree Program

There are two highly reputed professional programs and they are PGDM & MBA. The students from different fields generally take these courses to step up their corporate ladder. No matter whether you have recently finished your graduation or you are already in the job sector, the professional management degree will prove an added benefit to you. When choosing between the PGDM and MBA, because of a lack of knowledge of the postgraduate diploma, students select an MBA. In this article here we are trying to break all myths about PGDM and will give you some reasons to think of the PGDM degree.

Let us know what is PGDM
Post Graduate Diploma Management or PGDM is a 2 Year Course and is offered by many Institutes recognized by All India Council and are not affiliated and autonomous with any other university. But, accreditation by AIU or Association of Indian Universities makes PGDM course from institute’s equivalent to MBA.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose PGDM over MBA

Get to learn industry-oriented program structure
The structure of the postgraduate diploma course is such that its industry-oriented compared to the MBA. As autonomous institutes provide such course, thus the curriculum is in accordance with the new developments. In addition, the Post Graduate Diploma has a practical approach, while, MBA gives you only bookish knowledge.

Have Specialization at Any Field You Want
Postgraduate diploma allows you to specialize in your interest areas. For instance, if you select to go for the specialization in HR Management, you can select minor subjects such as Finance/ Marketing/ Project management and IT that give you a good edge over many other candidates.

Preference for the Higher Studies
Lots of reputed B-schools in India and Abroad, offer preference to the postgraduate diploma students compared to MBA students. It is because of the practical insight that PGDM provides, an MBA that is theoretical lacks. Thus, it offers you an added benefit over other students as long as it gets done from the reputed institute only.

Time to Get Real-time Business Experience
In Post Graduate Diploma, students are provided huge exposure to the real-time business through strict classroom studies, management internships, meetings with the top business leaders, and many other same ways. The techniques help these students to be comfortable with this business environment & make them ready for the job.

You Will Good Placement Offers
The Post Graduate Diploma Institutes offer attractive placement as they are very autonomous in nature. While the MBA does not guarantee you the job and you need to struggle a little for the placement on your own.

Experienced Faculty
In the institutes providing Post Graduate Diploma course, teachers are highly qualified since they are offered very lucrative salary packages while in the MBA colleges because of outdated rules of the college and universities makes little more efforts to bring in the latest business learning’s.

Have a Job Oriented Course Programme
PGDM is job oriented compared to an MBA that helps one to get a suitable job after completing their course. Job opportunities are quite widened with the Post Graduate Diploma because of an added skill that you learn during this course.

Good Learning Opportunities
Post Graduate Diploma provides good learning opportunities, workshops and seminars are arranged. The top industry managers will come as the guests and give speeches that will motivate the students. Industries as well prefer the autonomous institutions for the campus recruitments.

Financial Aid
It’s simple to get the education loans in case you study in AICTE approved B-school as they’re widely recognized. In national or private banks, students will easily avail loans to complete their further studies without any kind of burden.

Learn Work Related Skills
Getting only the degree will not get you a decent job. What you need are the right abilities and skills. Post Graduate Diploma educated you such skills. This makes your job set for the managerial and leadership skills that you will learn. All these skills can help you to survive the competitive business world with complete ease.

Thus, selecting the Post Graduate Diploma will prove to be very beneficial for you in order to make a successful stint in this corporate world.

Why pursue a PGDM course?

Higher Salary: The employers report that the people with Post Graduate Diploma have high credibility level, they are very confident and can influence other workers and for this reason, they are likely to get very good salary packages.

Exposure to Various Cultures: The Post Graduate Diploma course focuses on developing the overall personality by team working & role-playing exercises. It helps to build a good rapport with the people from a different cultural background, more you get to mix with different cultures, more creative and understanding you get.

Open up the global employment opportunities: Post Graduate Diploma is the globally recognized course program so you will open up higher opportunities for working in the Global Markets.

Be your own boss: Suppose you’re planning to begin your own venture, PGDM will help you to achieve your goals. During the studies, you will get a proper understanding of the business administration & develop the right leadership skills. You can get the hands-on experience for writing business plans and marketing campaigns, schedule production and forecast accounts.

Networking: Lots of top B- Schools organizes the regular Alumni meets for their current students to network with the former graduates. This increases the networking capacity and gets benefit from their senior’s experience.

Self-Growth: Entire classroom experience, student activities, interaction with peers and faculty, case studies, and all these can change your perspective, professionally and personally. Lots of Post Graduate Diploma students find a completely new person when they are graduated from a business school.

Trust me or not, there is no other degree course that is as versatile as PGDM. B-School graduates are the first preference for leading multinational companies. The rigorous training, competitive edge, and industry- exposure gained by Post Graduate Diploma graduates makes it highly-paid executives.

Therefore, students who are looking for new ventures or focusing on exploring the experiential & hands-on learning, Post Graduate Diploma Courses serve as a perfect choice for achieving a successful career.

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