Types of roller bearings and knowing about Thrust Roller Bearing

The structure of a bearing is in such a way that it consists of three major parts. Two of these are the raceways which support the placement of the third significant part called the rollers. The raceways are divided into two types. One is the inner raceway and the other is the outer raceway. They are basically rings within which the rollers or the rolling elements are situated.


Thrust Roller Bearing | Image Resource : indiamart.com

Depending on the shapes and sizes of the rollers, the bearings are classified accordingly. If the rolling elements are in the shape of tiny balls, they are known as ball bearings. If the rollers are in the shape of small cylinders having a length slightly bigger than the diameter of the same, they are generally known as cylindrical roller bearings under the category of roller bearings.

Double Row Taper Roller Bearing

Most roller bearings have elements in the shape of small cylinders only. However, the sizes and structure of these elements may differ, paving way to further classification of roller bearings. Among the same is one that is known as the double row taper roller bearing. It is a type of taper roller bearing in which the rolling elements would be in the shape of cones or tapered cylinders, placed in two rows.

These types of bearings are used in cases wherein radial and axial loads of heavy nature are required to be accommodated. They are highly preferred for applications in the mining industry where rolling mills and tunneling machines are used. Due to the presence of the two rows of rollers, a high degree of stiffness is arranged by this category of bearings.

Taper Lock Bearing and Thrust Roller Bearings

Taper roller bearings are a classification of roller bearings in which the rolling elements would be in the shape of cones or tapered cylinders. However, these are different from the taper lock bearing. The latter acts as a joining part between a pulley or a sprocket and a shaft. Due to its tapered surface, it is easy to fasten it to the shaft with a relevant component that matches the requirement.

Roller bearings as discussed above have rolling elements which are cylindrical in shape. These rollers are allowed to move as per the working requirement of the bearing, within the inner and outer raceways. Nonetheless, when it comes to a thrust roller bearing, these cylinders are placed in a cage-like format. The movement of the rollers is thus restricted in such a case, providing stiffness to the operation of the bearing as a whole. Roller thrust bearings are available in the market with spherical rolling elements as well apart from cylindrical.

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