Floodgate Door Barriers And Its Benefits

Floodgate Door Barrier

Often the floods cause various troubles to our day to day life. The monsoon season brings the rain which soothes the weather but sometimes the rain turns into the ferocious storm which causes massive flood. These floods destroy many things and these troubles should be faced and precautions should be taken.

As the water level rises during the time of flood, they enter various places and create a chaotic situation. From preventing this water from entering many places, the floodgate door barriers are made which are highly efficient and can easily solve the problem. These flood barriers are usually automatic and is helping a lot to protect various places from the flood water.

List of benefits of flood gate barriers:

These barriers can be automatic as well as be used manually with a push button. When there is a signal of flood water, it instantly starts operating and restricts the water to flow inside. Now let us check the benefits of these barrier gates of flood:

• These barriers are always ready for use and are always in position. When there is a signal of flood affecting the water level, this becomes active and works instantly.
• These are positioned perfectly and without any difficulty it can open and close. This smoothness in movement makes it even more worthy.
• These barriers can be linked with the alarm system. It helps you to relax as this becomes automatic and perform the function itself.
• There is no need for excavation when these floodgate door barriers are being installed. The installation process is very easy and this makes it even more user-friendly which results in more demand of this system.
• There are various safety systems also attached to these barriers. They can be watched visually and a sensor is also attached which makes it even more easily accessible.

Various uses of floodgate door barriers:

There are various uses that can be accounted for these gate barriers. These are not only effective but also have changed the system of flood controlling operations. Now controlling flood is easier and effortlessly it can be tackled. The uses of these barriers are in chemical labs and factories where chemicals are used massively. They are used in buildings, offices and other places where controlling flood is necessary. The automatic system has played a major role in the success and as a result controlling flood water from hampering the areas has become very easy.

Check Out The List Of Schools In Bangalore With Contact Details

List of Schools in Bangalore with Contact Details

As it is a matter of tension for the parents that in which school they should admit their children, they should get some relief and this article is meant for them. There are a huge number of schools in every city offering education. The question is how they can know that which is better and which one should they choose. In Bangalore especially, there are many schools of high standards which are famous and are working very hard to provide better education.

In this article, we have tried to provide a list of schools in Bangalore with contact details so that it can prove to be helpful. Out of several schools we have selected a few. All the schools in Bangalore have resulted in development of the education system there.

List of schools in Bangalore with contact details

There are many schools in Bangalore. Here we have shortlisted few of them.

• Inventure Academy- this is an international school located in Whitefield, Bangalore and is at the outskirts of the city. It has a great education facility and has achieved great success by efficiently teaching the students over the years.
Contact no- 080 2782 2101

• Bangalore International School- it is another international school and the first international school which was established in the city. Founded in 1969, it has provided great education facilities and is definitely a top school of the city.
Contact no- 080 2846 5060

• Stonehill International School- it is a school which is from nursery to high secondary and is advanced in this field. It is highly acknowledged and the number of students is about 500. Located in JalaHobli Bangalore North, it is a great institute to study.
Contact no- 080 4341 8300

• Cluney convent- this is a very famous school comprising of nearly 2500 students. It is located in Malleshwaram and is a great school to be in.
Contact no- 080 2334 6536

• Baldwin Boys High School- it is a very old school of the city and is also a famous one. This school for boys is highly disciplined and among the top schools.
Contact no- 080 2221 1981

All these schools are very famous and also of a high standard and offer education facility which is commendable. So the parents looking for list of schools in Bangalore with contact details should try them and they are bound to feel satisfied with these names.

Paneer Dumplings With Spinach Sauce: A Unique Paneer Starter

This new trendy dish which is prepared using cottage cheese (Paneer) is so unique in many ways. Apart from paneer, cabbage and potatoes are used to make this recipe which brings a perfect balance in the dish. Dumplings are prepared with the paneer, and then it gets steamed not deep fry. Also, creamy spinach sauce is poured from the top at the time serving.

This recipe takes a maximum 25 minutes to prepare including cooking and preparation time. And as per the quantity of ingredients used in this recipe, you could serve maximum to 4 people.

Ingredients Required to make Paneer Dumplings with spinach sauce

For Dumplings

  • Paneer (Grated) – 1 Cup
  • Cabbage (Finely Chopped) – ½ Cup
  • Potatoes (Boiled, peeled and mashed) – ½ Cup
  • Maida (Plain Flour) – 2 Tablespoon
  • Coriander Leaves (Finely Chopped) – 1 Tablespoon
  • Green Chillies (Finely Chopped) – 2 Teaspoon
  • Salt – As per Taste

For The Spinach Sauce

  • White Sauce – 1 Cup
  • Spinach Puree – ¼ Cup
  • Salt – As per Taste

For The Garnish

  • Tomatoes (Finely Chopped) – 2 Tablespoon

The Process to make Paneer Dumplings with Spinach Sauce

For the dumplings

1) In a deep bowl, take all the ingredients and mix them well.
2) Split the mixture into 12 portions and roll them into a round shape ball.
3) Take a steamer and steam the dumplings for around 5 – 7 minutes and then keep them aside.

For the Spinach Sauce

1) Take a non-stick pan and add white sauce along with spinach puree. Cook them for around a minute on a medium flame.
2) Add pepper and salt as per your taste and keep it aside.

Final Procedure

1) Take a serving plate and arrange dumplings on it. Then pour spinach sauce over them.
2) Your Paneer Dumplings with Spinach Sauce is ready. Serve them immediately after garnishing with chopped tomatoes.

Chocolate Kaju Katli: The Preferred Sweet In Occasions

Chocolate Kaju Katli is a delicious and yummy recipe that is one of the famous dishes in the world. Chocolate Kaju Katli is a simple yet amazing dish for you to enjoy.

  • Prep Time 10 mins
  • Cook Time 15 mins
  • Serves 4 People

Ingredients to prepare Chocolate Kaju Katli:

  • 1 cup – Cashew nuts
  • 1/2 cup – Sugar
  • 1/3 cup – Water
  • 1 Teaspoon – Cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon – Ghee
  • Ghee to grease
  • 100 grams – Dark chocolate compound
  • Chocolate transfer sheet as needed

How to prepare Chocolate Kaju Katli:

  • Into a mixer jar, drop cashew nuts & grind till soft powder.
  • Don’t grind too much else it would begin to ooze the oil.
  • Drop sugar & water in a vessel & cook till sugar dissolves fully.
  • Cook till syrup becomes thick & little sticky.
  • Don’t wait till the syrup reaches to the 1 string consistency as if it is cooked more
  • then 1 string consistency, the Kaju Katli will become hard.
  • Lower the heat to low & drop cocoa powder and cashew nut powder.
  • Stir with the spatula & combine properly.
  • Cook & mix constantly till the mixture gets thick & leaves the sides of the pan, don’t overcook.
  • Switch off the flame & allow it to cool for three to four mins.
  • Grease a plastic sheet put the made mix over the sheet.
  • Grease your palms with ghee & knead it for a few mins.
  • Roll it out in a desired thick round shape with a rolling pin.
  • You could also put a sheet on it to stop the dough sticking to the rolling pin
    Cut it with a knife in diamond shape pieces.
  • Allow it to cool for three to four minutes.
  • The melt dark chocolate in a double boiler or into the microwave.
  • Cut the transfer sheet to the Kaju Katli size.
  • Implement melted chocolate on the Kaju Katli & put the sheet on it.
  • Peel the sheet post fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • The Kaju Katli is ready to serve.
  • Serve or store in the refrigerator.