Chapati With Scrambled Eggs: The Recipe To have Occasionally

Scrambled eggs could be made in minutes by mixing veggies with eggs. It is a super simple recipe & could be tried even by them who are not expert in cooking. Egg recipes are favourite among those who wants the dishes which needs minimum cooking efforts. Scrambled eggs are not only convenient to prepare but are also loved by those who can’t make the omelette without breaking. The egg recipe you will enjoy best when you have it with toasted bread slices using some tomato sauce. You could make the egg delicacy on Sundays once you are only lazing around & don’t want to make a proper meal. Just have it along with chapati or a piping hot cup of coffee or tea & you’re done for the day.

Ingredients of Scrambled Eggs:

● beaten egg-4

● Well sliced tomato-1

● butter-1 tablespoon

● grated ginger-1 teaspoon

● salt-1 teaspoon

● powdered black pepper-2 pinch

● Well sliced onion-1

● powdered turmeric-1 pinch

● chopped green chilli-1

● handful sliced coriander leaves-1

● boiled peas-2 tablespoon

How to prepare Scrambled Eggs:

Step 1)

Scrambled eggs is one of the simplest dishes to make. Actually, if you are in jiffy & like to enjoy the wholesome & protein rich meal, then the simple egg recipe is ideal. In a glass vessel, brake four eggs. To prepare the scrumptious egg recipe, drop pepper & salt into it & whisk finely.

Step 2)

Now, combine tomato, turmeric, onion, butter, green chilli, coriander leaves, peas & ginger. Beat until it becomes fluffy. To prepare the dish, even more aromatic you could involve some well chopped garlic cloves. It would include a piquant aroma to the healthy breakfast dish.

Step 3)

Nest, heat oil in a deep bottomed vessel. Pour in the eggs & stir continuously until the mixture dries up. The flame should be low & allow the egg to cook for two to three mins. Detach from fire & distribute it hot with chapati or fold it inside a pita pocket or bread.

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