A Specialized Review On Top PGDM College!

A qualification will enrich your knowledge base, sharpen your skill sets and will also get you a better placement. If you are contemplating what to do after your undergraduate then, a two year business management degree is best. Choose a better college with good infrastructure and faculty so that you will gain from the experience.

A course which suits the needs of the present day industry should be considered. Some colleges revise their syllabus so that students get a better exposure. It should take the students to a new level from an inexperienced fresher to a corporate ready manager. A well-structured redesigned course has a better curriculum, training process and internships at good companies. It should not be only classroom oriented but should also have projects, field visits, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

You should have completed your undergraduate with at least 50% of marks and you should have cleared the entrance exams with a good score. Clearing the entrance exam is only the first step as you also should clear the interview and other tests to secure a seat in a prestigious institution. Some institutions prefer a couple of years of work experience.

Top PGDM CollegeTop PGDM College | Image Resource : pgdm.college

What You Should Look Out For?

Faculty members should have years of experience and they should also have industrial exposure. Top Pgdm College recruits the best faculty so that their students get sufficient exposure and their ranking improves too. Some best minds in the academics are employed at some of the best institutions.

Specializations play a key role in deciding your career. So choose some new niche field so that you get a better chance to work in some upcoming areas. These new areas are not much explored and you will be better placed with a bigger package. You can even chose such companies for your internships so that you stand to gain experience.

Facilities At A Good Institution

A good institution will definitely have decades of experience and it is this experience which acts as a blessing for the institution. They would continuously revise their curriculum to meet the challenges of the ever changing job market and would improve their facilities. Top college for Pgdm will have good library facilities, offers internships with top companies, enhanced learning through field visits and learning online.

Better leaders are created by continuous exposure and when one completes the course successfully he or she will be able to manage better. A student from a top notch college will not just be an employee but an efficient manager performing at his best. So select a top rated institution to further your career.

Pista Choco Barfi: Make This Delicious Sweet At Home

Pista Choco Barfi, a delicious recipe of dessert, made by using the khoya, ghee, powdered pistachios, rose essence, powdered sugar & cocoa powder. The Chocolaty & nutty dessert recipe would be liked by everyone.

Ingredients for Pista Choco Barfi:

  • powdered pistachios-1/2 cup
  • khoya-1 1/2 cup
  • green cardamom-1/4 tsp
  • ghee-2 cup
  • cocoa powder-1 1/2 tbsp
  • powdered sugar-1/4 cup
  • rose essence-two drops
  • edible food color-two drops

To Garnish:

  • silver vark-10 inches

How to prepare Pista Choco Barfi:

Step 1) Place a deep-bottom vessel which should be non-sticky too over a low to moderate flame & drop khoya with the sugar powder sugar in it. Stir it constantly & cook the mawa or khoya for around fifteen mins.

Step 2) When the khoya is cooked, put it in a big dish & let the mixture cool thoroughly. Divide the mix in 2 same parts.

Step 3) Put a portion of khoya in deep bowl & drop cardamom powder, green food colour, rose essence & powdered pistachios into it, combine properly.

Step 4) Next, take other half of khoya in big vessel & drop cocoa powder in it. Combine it finely too! Now, put one cling wrap on a flat surface or wooden board & grease it with ghee.

Step 5) Put the made pista mixture on it & place it evenly utilising the hands to make a 200 mm * 175 (8” * 7”) rectangle. Form a cylinder roll of chocolate mixture & put it on the pista mix leaving (1”) side from bottom. Roll it so tightly with support of a cling wrap.

Step 6) Smoothly detach the cling wrap for getting a roll & cut into fifteen equal slices & flatten it so lightly. Refrigerate slices for around fifteen mins. (Optional: You could decorate it with silver varq & sliced pistachios & just enjoy it!)

Online Shopping – Smart Shopping

Online shopping these days has revolutionized the whole world. It has made everything just too easy by providing services which are doorstep accessible. The perks of conventional shopping might be availed by online shopping but the advantages of online shopping are not always fulfilled by a store to store shopping.

And especially when it comes to shopping heavy articles like electronics or furniture, it doesn’t make sense anymore to go to a physical store and then pay for shipping and never ending expenses.

No one can deny the perks offered by online shopping are unmatchable. Just in case a customer wishes to buy bed online, not only he gets access to more variety but also much lesser expenses will be incurred. And just when this wasn’t enough, A door drop service would be enough to suffice the argument.

Dining Table Set Online Shopping

Dining Table Set Online Shopping

A lot of perks which go not mentioned are:

Less compulsive shopping: Everytime we go shopping in a physical store to buy product X, I’m pretty sure no one comes back from the store before buying products Y and Z additionally. The case isn’t the same with online shopping. If I wish to do dining table set online shopping, I’d particularly focus on that and choose between the variety of the same product.

Buying old or unused items becomes easier: Physical stores aren’t very useful when it comes to buying old or second-hand product shopping. Contrary to that, we specifically have online sites which only sell second-hand stuff with amazingly reasonable stuff. This is very helpful in case of electronics and furniture shopping like for dining table set online shopping.

Convenience: This is an undeniable winning point as nothing matters more than convenient shopping. When you get your order shipped till doorstep, why would someone wanna step out to shop for a similar but more expensive article? Especially in cases if someone wants to buy bed online or any heavy articles, online shopping is your perfect option to go!

We are the privileged ones to get perks like these and should be using them effectively!

Various MBA Correspondence Colleges To Meet Career Dreams

The internet has become a blessing to many people for their personal and professional works which has made life easy so even in terms of education, students get a platform through the internet to learn new things and gain more information and perception of their chosen fields. It is reasonably simple as well important to a degree of advanced education. These degrees of MBA train students through industry based practical skills as well as business related potential learning which is through theoretical concepts, these learning play an important role when it comes to the world of business. These programs are crafted in order to help students grow and improve their role along with creating suitable roles for them as per the business needs.

 MBA Correspondence Colleges

MBA Correspondence Colleges | Image Resource : freepik.com

Whether you have a career plan for any new another stream or you want to raise the level of your career in the same field, it is possible to do so with higher educational options. There are leading places like mba correspondence colleges which are specialized in offering education for working people. These programs are crafted for those who don’t have time to invest in real college or regular MBA. So even though here students learn from the internet from home or office but they get well trained as per industry requirements. The skills and practical learning as well as theoretical concepts learned here at distance mba educational courses are of superior and latest level. As people working in the corporate world are with high dreams so they would be fulfilled if you are able to reach and use the suitable platform.

There are a number full time MBA courses which are still famous in reputed colleges and are yet picked up by working people who have the time and money to invest. However, mba correspondence colleges is no less of a real mba college as it provides the same course syllabus, practical training, job prospects, etc and in fact there is a bigger benefit here of receiving the freedom and flexibly to study from anywhere in this world. There are many busy people who are occupied with full time job and cannot leave their profession due to certain commitments. By choosing online mba degree program, they don’t have to classes regularly. This will bring them a good growth and a long lasting future with a successful uplift. So there is no second thoughts when it comes to mba education as you have many choices depending on your career situation, you just need to make a choice.

Be the Best Parent for Your Child with Positive Parenting Tips

Good Parenting Skills

Once a parent, life undergoes changes. It would be nothing exact as what it was before having decided to conceive or adopt a child. However, although the honeymoon days might be halted for some time, it is not so that those days would never come back again. It is just that the need of the hour has to be the new set of priorities.

The Parental Influence

Becoming a parent is a turning point in not only the person’s life but also in that of the child in question. While providing the best care and affection to the offspring, it also should be noted that the guardians must possess good parenting skills to make the journey of parenthood much easier than expected. Most criminals could be observed to have been brought up under terrible parenting circumstances.

Even if you are a parent by blood relation or are a kind foster parent who lovingly decided to bring up a child who was abandoned in any way possible, the manner in which you portray your parenthood has a major influence over the future of the young ones. Hence, how you manage to grow your children plays an important role in their good upbringing.

Good Parenting Skills to a Brighter Future

The more a parent delays in getting experienced in understanding how to handle problems pertaining to parenthood, there is a higher risk of things getting out of control no sooner. This brings up the need for any parent to possess skills to lead a good parenthood. Tips and tricks to attain these skills could be available just anywhere- one just needs to look out for it and learn.

If you are able to bond with your child in such a way that he or she finds a confidante in you, half of your parenting problems get solved thus. You need to interact with other parents to understand how they deal with situations in which the kids become troublesome and there would be only time to answer to detentions from their school. Improve your parenting skills and bring up your child in the best manner.

Chapati With Scrambled Eggs: The Recipe To have Occasionally

Scrambled eggs could be made in minutes by mixing veggies with eggs. It is a super simple recipe & could be tried even by them who are not expert in cooking. Egg recipes are favourite among those who wants the dishes which needs minimum cooking efforts. Scrambled eggs are not only convenient to prepare but are also loved by those who can’t make the omelette without breaking. The egg recipe you will enjoy best when you have it with toasted bread slices using some tomato sauce. You could make the egg delicacy on Sundays once you are only lazing around & don’t want to make a proper meal. Just have it along with chapati or a piping hot cup of coffee or tea & you’re done for the day.

Ingredients of Scrambled Eggs:

● beaten egg-4

● Well sliced tomato-1

● butter-1 tablespoon

● grated ginger-1 teaspoon

● salt-1 teaspoon

● powdered black pepper-2 pinch

● Well sliced onion-1

● powdered turmeric-1 pinch

● chopped green chilli-1

● handful sliced coriander leaves-1

● boiled peas-2 tablespoon

How to prepare Scrambled Eggs:

Step 1)

Scrambled eggs is one of the simplest dishes to make. Actually, if you are in jiffy & like to enjoy the wholesome & protein rich meal, then the simple egg recipe is ideal. In a glass vessel, brake four eggs. To prepare the scrumptious egg recipe, drop pepper & salt into it & whisk finely.

Step 2)

Now, combine tomato, turmeric, onion, butter, green chilli, coriander leaves, peas & ginger. Beat until it becomes fluffy. To prepare the dish, even more aromatic you could involve some well chopped garlic cloves. It would include a piquant aroma to the healthy breakfast dish.

Step 3)

Nest, heat oil in a deep bottomed vessel. Pour in the eggs & stir continuously until the mixture dries up. The flame should be low & allow the egg to cook for two to three mins. Detach from fire & distribute it hot with chapati or fold it inside a pita pocket or bread.

Chapati Cutlet: The Relishing Recipe For You

The cutlets possesses chapati & lot vegetables which make them complete meal in itself like having veggies and the chapati. The good mix of veggies make it nutritious & healthy.

Serve the roti cutlets as it is or you could make wrap or sandwich with it. We have also been through the vermicelli cutlets, oats cutlets & macaroni cutlet. You could make sandwich & wraps with them also. These are tasty combinations to try. They are super easy & delicious.


  • 3-4-Chapati, Tortilla or Roti
  • ¼ cup-Grated Carrot
  • ¼ cup-Well sliced onions
  • 1-2 teaspoon-Lemon Juice
  • ⅔ cup-Boiled mashed potatoes
  • 1 tbsp + 2 tbsp for coating-Rava/Semolina/sooji
  • 2 tbsp-Coriander leaves
  • 2-Well sliced green chilli
  • Salt
  • ½ tsp-Red chilli powder
  • Oil

To make Lettuce wraps & Sandwiches:

  • 2 pieces-Bread
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • 3-4-Lettuce leaves


  • Break tortilla, roti or chapati in tiny pieces.
  • Grind them to a grainy mixture & put it into a mixing vessel.
  • Include boiled mashed potatoes, lemon juice, salt, green chillies, onions, carrots, sooji or rava, coriander leaves with ground roti.
  • Combine everything together & knead it like dough & allow it to rest for ten mins.
  • After ten min rub slight oil in your palm & prepare patties.
  • You could make any shape patties you want.
  • Roll the patties in rava or semolina.
  • Heat the vessel with moderate heat & pour oil on it.
  • Place the roti cutlets on pan.
  • Cook & flip them over a few times until they turn brown & crispy from each sides.
  • When roti cutlets are ready, distribute them with the favorite dip.


1. You could utilize leftover tortilla, roti or parathas to prepare chapati cutlets.

2. When grinding roti, don’t form thin powder, we require grainy mixture.

3. Slice veggies very properly so that they get simply bind up with other components.

4. Don’t turn chapati cutlets instantly, after putting them on vessel wait for a few mins then turn them over.

5. If the chapatis are salted already don’t add too much of salt.