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In the recent years, Mobile trading has gained significant popularity & requirements amongst traders and investors. Following online trading, the convenience of trading has also moved to the next level. With mostly on the move/ go, the customers’ wanted to be provided with a solution to trade on the go & at the convenience of their fingertips. Consequently, Mobile Trading through trading app became a lucid alternative to online trading. It trading on the go. With the availability of secure, reliable and user friendly software solution across all major operating systems (android & ios.), you can be rest assured of being able to track your investments wherever you maybe, provided you need to have mobile network & internet coverage.

The trading app on the mobile also benefits you with the following features:

  • Instant fund transfer through 28 banks
  • Informative dashboard with quick links
  • After Market Order to place trades beyond market hours
  • Corporate action details
  • Option calculator and many more features

Scanners & Strategies: Some of the smart trading app are also loaded with interesting features like: Scanners like rise and fall, spread scanner, volume-shocker, scans the market on real-time basis to identify opportunities and trend in the market.

Strategy: Strategies, such as Bullish covered call, bearish covered put, helps you choose the right option strategy which gives best focus on limited no. of stocks.

Advanced Trading Tools: One of the most secured trading app, SINE (by Trade Smart Online) offers technical indicators like MACD, Moving Avg., RSI, Bollinger bands, Parabolic SAR, etc. It also has advanced snap quote which shows Futures quote, Resistance & Support levels, High-Low for different time intervals, Option chain, Put-Call ratio and much more at a swipe.

Bracket Order and Cover Order: With Cover Order you can also place your order with stop loss. Bracket Order allows you to place an order with stop loss as well as a simultaneously order to book in profit if market goes in your favour.

With the digital revolution, the world has certainly transformed and so have our users! There is no stress of being glued to your desktop/ personal computer or carrying bulky laptops. Your powerful smartphone can manage your trading with the most efficient way. You just got to visit the App store or the Play Store depending on your mobile operating system (android/ .ios) and download the preferred application. Successfully install the downloaded app, sign in and get started into a whole new world of trading possibilities.

Learn at Your Own Pace Through Best Correspondence MBA!

We live in a competitive world where everyone fights for survival. Small companies that enter the market have to strive hard to withstand the tough competition. The same is the case with fresh graduates who find it quite difficult to get a steady job in the business field. To cater to the requirements of such candidates, many business schools and colleges provide various MBA courses. From finance management to operations management, one can select the course that will satisfy the current job requirements.

Correspondence MBA: What are the Benefits?

A majority of the graduates who cannot pursue regular MBA courses opt for online programs. Almost all the business schools provide correspondence courses for the convenience of distant learners. Finding the best correspondence MBA program online is not a daunting task as one may think. Researching online will help you find the best course within minutes. Here are some reasons why one must opt for correspondence MBA.

Best Correspondence MBABest Correspondence MBA | Image Resource :

  1. One of the prime reasons why many opt for correspondence course is the wide array of choices it provides. Students can choose from an array of streams such as supply chain, finance, HR, etc.
  2. Students can also study according to their schedule and need not worry about fixed timings. The flexible learning options allow students to learn at their own pace without leaving the comfort of their home.
  3. The course materials are prepared according to international standards and offer an insight on the latest market trends.
  4. Students who enroll are also provided with career guidance and placement support.
  5. The program fee is affordable when compared to regular MBA courses, which makes it a top choice among everyone.
  6. Another reason why many opt for online MBA course is the fact that they can get personalized attention. Most of the institutes provide customized training plan for graduates who enroll in the program.

Topics Covered in Correspondence MBA: An Insight

Various topics are covered in correspondence MBA courses. Some of them include principles of management, project management, presentation /public speaking skills, financial planning, and supply chain management, among others. The MBA correspondence course covers both theory and practical sessions that are handled by experts in the field. Working professionals and students can take part in the courses and fix the timing according to their convenience. Through the online courses, students can get trained on various topics that include business analysis to professional development. As most of the courses are held on the weekends, it becomes convenient for working executives as they need not compromise their job to take up the course.

B-schools For Executive MBA in India: An Insight !

Do you want to excel in your career? Well, if you are such an aspirant wanting to build a strong business base, then executive MBA would be the right course for you. There are many young graduates who ponder over what type of course to choose to get a high-paying job at ease. Such candidates need not worry about a thing as they can easily enroll in any of the B schools in India and get trained right away!

B-Schools in India For Executive MBA

The executive MBA programs are specifically designed for both fresh graduates and working professionals. The courses come in different packages that are suitable to all types of learners. Graduates can study and work simultaneously without changing their lifestyle. Most of the executive MBA classes are held in the evening for the sole convenience of such working graduates. This comes as a blessing in disguise for many who otherwise would have to quit their jobs to take up the course.

B-schools for Executive MBA in IndiaB-schools for Executive MBA in India

India is home to many business schools that provide executive MBA degree at affordable rates. Given below are some of the courses offered by the top B-schools for executive MBA in India.

  • Masters Program in Business Administration
  • Executive Masters in Financial Markets
  • Executive Masters in Healthcare Management
  • Executive Masters in Management
  • Executive MBA Marketing

There are also other types of courses that are crafted to suit the needs of every professional. If you are looking for a lucrative job with a steady career, then you need to opt for executive MBA courses. The program is designed by experts who have years of experience in the field. They provide guidance to all the budding professionals who wish to achieve success in the challenging business field. Graduates who have 15 years of education are eligible for taking up the executive MBA courses.

Benefits of Choosing Executive MBA Programs in India

Executive MBA programs come with a wide array of benefits. It will help working professionals withstand the competition in the market and outshine the rest. Nowadays most of the firms are recruiting candidates who have completed their executive MBA degree at B schools in India. Enrolling in executive MBA will sharpen your managerial and problem-solving skills that play a vital role in shaping an entrepreneur. A plethora of job opportunities await those who complete their executive MBA degree, which is the main reason why many opt for the course. Enrolling in the course is as easy as eating a pie and can be done within minutes! So why wait? Boost your career with executive MBA and achieve your dreams in a hassle-free way!

Masala Dosas, A Healthy Lifestyle Choice You Didn’t Know

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

A healthy living demands healthy food. The healthy food provides vital nutrients to your body on regular basis. Masala Dosa is South India’s savoury staple food. The item relished by people is known as pancake of India. Masala dosa is a versatile dish. It could be eaten in dinner, breakfast and even at a snack time. Let’s see why Masala Dosa is a healthy option.

1. Low in Calories:

A food would be considered healthy if it has low calories and satisfy your hunger too altogether. And Dosa is such item which is relatively light and extremely appetizing. To overcome your obesity, Masala Dosa is a healthy choice.

2. Good Source of Carbohydrates:

This healthy source is rich with carbohydrates. They provides energy to your body for various functions to carry out. It’s a good option for weight-loss diet.

3. Tasty, Nutritious and Healthy:

It contains all the vital nutrients required for functioning of body & makes your food experience tasty and healthy along with enjoyable.

4. Rich Source of Minerals:

Masala Dosa is a good source of iron and calcium like minerals. Where iron is for production of oxygen carrying proteins, myoglobin and haemoglobin. And calcium for maintaining healthy bones.

5. High in Proteins:

For muscles and bones strength, protein is an essential nutrient. Dosa as a regular diet helps in supplying moderate amounts protein.

6. Served Fresh:

Some items has its flavour and moments if freshly served. Dosa is one of them. If it’s prepared and served fresh and hot then it tastes extremely delicious.

7. Easy to digest:

Masala Dosa is a fermented pancake. It’s made from combination of black lentils and rice batter for easy digestion.

8. Low in Fat:

It contains less saturated fat. Less saturated fat decreases the risk of heart diseases.

So, the scrumptious masala dosa is great for starting of the day to keep up the pace to finish your chores.

Chicken Biryani, A Sheer Joy To Your Taste Buds

Chicken Biryani, a one pot meal could be made with aromatic basmati rice, spices, herbs and amazingly tender chicken which get cooked over low heat for the delectable flavours. It’s one of the most favorite dishes for most of the people. It is obviously one of the most requested meals. We can pair it with cooling raita and fresh lime squeeze for hearty meal.

Chicken Biryani is one of the recipes with so many variations in India’s different states. People spend almost half of the time to grind the fresh spices, frying caramelized golden onions batches and then main cooking. They marinate the chicken with yogurt, long grain basmati rice and spices.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani usually cooked on a low heat in a large pot with lid that is tightly sealed. Actually the cooks seal the lid with dough to make sure it’s airtight state. And then after hours of passing, the big reveal happens when the lid opens, it fills the entire home with a warm and dip spiced aroma everywhere. It could be the most heavenly and delightful chicken biryani one could ever have.

But there’s one more amazing thing about a chicken biryani that only some people notices is that eating the leftovers on the next day. It is really so much surprising for me everytime that the flavours develops to something delicious automatically. I am really grateful for the next day chicken biryani. In fact, I like and feel excited about it more than the refreshing one.

There are two things I would like to tell you to be careful about. If you like the chicken biryani extra spicy, then add jalapeno. Also, one can add another teaspoon of garam masala. And use flat yogurt in plain way to marinade the chicken.

Wooden Cupboard Online Shopping Tips For Beginners

Moving into a new house means you would have to buy new furnitures and set everything to place. But before you even get to that you would have to complete the daring task of buying furnitures online, which may seem like a difficult feat to achieve. There are many hidden perks of purchasing furnitures online actually. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you have a look at our friendly guide curated just for beginners to help them choose the right furnitures for their home!

If you are a fashion hoarder and your cupboard is filled with clothes and there is no new room for any clothes then you need a new cupboard for sure! Plus, if you are moving into a new home then you obviously need to furnish your new home with brand new furnitures, no doubts about that. If you are here to find some helpful tips that can help you choose the right wooden cupboard online shopping then you are in the right place.

Hoard In Style: Wooden Cupboard Online Shopping For Beginners

A cupboard or a wardrobe is that imperative piece of furniture everybody has in their bedroom. It helps us to organise and store our stuff in a proper manner plus it brings the whole design of the bedroom all together. If you are new to the world of e-commerce and have never purchased furniture online then this guide is the perfect one for you. Here are some tips you can follow during wooden cupboard online shopping to get the perfect design based off on your style.

1. Type of Storage: Think about the kind of storage you need. Depending on your storage requirement you can choose the wardrobe perfect for you. Different wardrobes have a varying assortment of storage space which allows for you to store your clothes and accessories in a better manner.

Wooden Cupboard Online Shopping

Wooden Cupboard Online Shopping

2. Organiser Components: Depending on how you want to keep your t-shirts, dresses, trousers, shoes etc. make sure that your wardrobe has all the required storage space. Keeping your trousers and shirts hanging so that they do not get creased is always a great idea. Looking for deep storage area to store away seasonal clothes like sweaters, pullovers will help you be more organised.

3. Finish and Colour: this is completely upon your aesthetic. Depending on what you like and what your furnitures are like in your room you could choose the finish and colour of the wardrobe. For example Oak has a light finish but is very durable whereas mahogany has a reddish brown hue to it.

Some practical tips you should follow while you are choosing your wardrobe are:

• Make sure that there is enough space so that you can open the doors and drawers of the cupboard easily. If you have a small room opting for a sliding door is a great choice.

• Make sure to keep your wooden cupboard away from direct sunlight since it may affect the colour of the wardrobe in the long run.

Well Ordered Directions To Check if Gemstones Are Honest to Goodness Or Not

Emeralds are among the most great and prized gemstones and various people need them in their enhancements aggregations. Nevertheless, a huge amount of stones sold as emeralds are extremely imposter. We should see how you can see such emerald pantomimes. Keep in mind the going with centers while you plan to buy special gemstone on the web.

• Please make gemstone brings up of enthusiasm on a paper, which you procured from our site. (Stone weight, length and width)

• Take support of any worldwide gem testing lab with each gained gemstone.

• Stone should be “settled in a clear box” by Lab – Be review most by far of enormous laboratory”sealed stone in a direct box” in the wake of testing.

• Gem testing research office should be Separate Organization (Not related to Shopkeer) and moreover should be seen by government.

• Enter your precious stone testing support number on confirmation issued gem testing research office’s site. If you found same confirmation unobtrusive components on inquire about focus’ site, infers this is one of a kind validation and issued by that particular lab.

• It is especially unprecedented to organize SAME WEIGHT any of two gemstones on the planet. (99.99% gemstones have its assorted weights.)

• “Hologram Sticker” should be on Testing Certificate.

• “Gemstone Specific gravity, Hardness, Reflective Index should be undeniably created on Testing Certificate.

• Jewellery Shop India reliably take after given above norms and expect obligation for stone imagination for lifetime.

Trademark emerald is a green arrangement of the mineral beryl. Emeralds are by and large hard (7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale), anyway since most basic stones of this kind ordinarily have a lot of inside flaws, they are definitely not hard to break if hit and platform is one platform of the same. .

Original Gemstones Online

Original Gemstones Online | Image Resource :

What Is a Fake Emerald?

An imposter emerald is any stone that has another substance structure from that of a certifiable emerald and can be found easily when you expect to buy one of a kind gemstone on the web.

Fakes can be made of a variety of materials, both made and standard.

Every so often, more affordable typical gemstones, for instance, peridot or garnet are sold as emeralds.

You should know, in any case, paying little mind to whether the emerald you are obtaining is lab-made as these stones are more affordable, and if some individual offers you a made emerald at the cost of a trademark one, you may not get a nice course of action.

Differentiated and consistent emeralds, synthetics normally look cleaner as they don’t have an indistinguishable number of evident inward imperfections from their regular accomplices. Notwithstanding the way that there are a couple of signs while looking for Original Gemstones Online that can see erroneously made stones, it is hard to tell whether an emerald is made or typical just by looking.