Sleep Snugly In A King Size Bed!

Can you perform well professionally without a good night’s sleep? No. It is because sleep is of paramount importance for your health and it is during sleep that the body goes into repair mode. Sleep is very essential and when there is a sleep deficit people do not perform to their potential and they are always tired and drowsy all through the day. So a good night’s sleep is non-negotiable for a healthy individual.

What Is A King Size Bed?

Choose a comfortable bed for your bedroom. Some people do not sleep well because the bed is not comfortable. Buy King Size Bed Online to sleep comfortably. A double or a single bed is better but with a king size bed you can sleep and roll comfortably. Bigger space is the advantage of king size bed and other variants do not match its width. The dimension of a king size bed is 76”x 80”inches. Couples can have their own sleeping space while sleeping in a bigger bed.

Wooden King Size Bed

Solid wooden beds are preferred for the durability and stability. Choose a good quality bed as it will stay with you for years together. If you buy a cheap steel bed it might not be stable and sometimes with use it might become even worse so wood is always best. Platform bed or low height bed is trending now as elderly people find it convenient. Some beds come with beautiful headboards.

King Size Bed Online

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King Size Bed With Storage

If you are looking for space savers then, go in for storage beds. Full storage and half storage beds are sought after by people who would like to organize their pillow cases and bedspreads into them. You can even store your valuables in it. Hydraulic storage is best as it is convenient to use. Box storage and storage with drawers are the other variants.

The Ornamental Finish

Some beds have upholstered headboards while some have beautiful carved designs. Art lovers will prefer the carved designs as it adds to the beauty of the bed. Complement this beautiful bed with bedside table as it completes the look of the master bedroom. The side tables with drawers can be used as storage and the top portion is used for night lamp. An ideal retreat is created in a master bedroom. Online king size beds are available in different variants and make a complete research before you make the purchase.

Grab the low end king size beds without storage, headstand and ornamentation if you do not wish to splurge on premium high end beds. So make an informed decision.

Best Rice And Curry Combinations You Should Try In South India

We all know that South India is obsessed with rice and people in this state make it a point to have rice in all their meals. Though they keep it simple, the recipes turn out to be very delicious and super healthy. It is their specialty and their main motive is to satiate their taste buds with different flavors. Not only South Indians but also other people from different parts of the world look out for South Indian dishes when they go to a restaurant.

So, here we present to you the unique fusion of the traditional South Indian lunch recipes that you will love.

Want to get rid of the leftover rice?

You can always make use of your leftover rice by making something utterly delicious out of it. Wondering how? Try a simple recipe named Lemon rice which is surely an amazing South Indian dish prepared with the staple food of South India itself and that is ‘rice’. Undoubtedly, an awesome combination of rice with a tangy taste of lemon will not be denied for lunch.

Something Special For The Weekend

Have a wholesome lunch for the weekend this time and fill your tummy with this traditional South Indian dish called “Bisi bile rice”. It is definitely a mouth-watering dish for your weekend saga! There is always a traditional dish of all the states and “Bisi bile bhat” or “bisi bile rice” is one of the recipes of South India which has the typical traditional touch of all different flavors of the state. It is easy to make and obviously, seems to be a major ‘time saviour’. It is a combination of rice and other lentils with a slightly sour taste of tamarind. The recipe counts up to be an authentic dish from the ancient houses of Karnataka and which is still known to be the core dish of Karnataka.

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Healthy Is The New Trend

Get ready to serve the healthy and yummy meal on the table called “Unnithandu paruppu kootu”. It is purely a healthy and tasty delicacy of South India which is made of banana stem and lentils. It tastes better when served with rice. Not only is the dish healthy but also very soothing to our taste buds. So this time why not try some simple South Indian lunch recipes to make your meals tastier as well as utterly exciting?

Your Future Will Be Bright With MBA in Mumbai Part Time!

With a busy life and routine, everyone is browsing for a shortcut towards a successful start of their career. But well, there is no shortcut towards success. But yes, you can speed up your procedure of gaining education and practical experience at the same time. Speaking of the same, part-time MBA is one of the common choices among management students.

Talking about the city like Mumbai, where people’s lives are faster than the local trains of the city; students are more focused on gaining practical experience with the growing competition. And thus, MBA in Mumbai part-time is one of the most popular keywords looked around by students in the city.

How is MBA in Mumbai part-time different from full time?

This is one of the most common questions that students have in their mind. To be honest, the authentication of degree is similar in both full time and part time MBA. With part-time MBA, degree objective is more focused on practical approach where students learn through online studies, workshops and live projects where their work experience is also counted.

Considering passionate students who are already working in MNCs of Mumbai are motivated by their organizations itself to pursue their part-time MBA further. And well, let’s not forget about the sponsorship that students can get while pursuing their MBA. MBA in Mumbai part-time is always encouraged by companies these days as it is nothing less than an investment of the firm on their employees for a better and successful growth of the company ahead.

So if you are confused whether part-time MBA is a hit for you or not; well it’s a definite YES! With the growing competition in the field of management, companies are hunting for enthusiastic employees with fresh ideas and methodologies but also have great knowledge in the similar field. So you might be missing a lot of opportunities if you are not already pursuing part time MBA in Mumbai.

Because companies might have opened their doors for you, but your vision is a little blur right now! So clear your vision and focus, because your path towards success starts with the combination of education and professional experience both. Open your eyes wide and pursue your dream of working with a successful MNC and pursuing MBA on the side. Because believe it or not; it’s a full meal deal for the student, institute as well as the management firm!

How To Open A Demat Account And Initiate Trading?

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When you want to trade in stocks and shares, you need to have an account that is specifically meant for this purpose. A demat or a dematerialized account is an account that allows you to hold shares in it. There shares are held in their electric form and you can open the account even without having any shares in it.

The key purpose of the demat account is having shares in it in the electronic form, which saves the trouble of having to hold them in paper form. Another advantage that it offers is when shares are in electronic than paper format, they are easy-to-maintain and you can access them from any part of the world.

How To Open A Demat Account?

Opening a Demat account is easy and can be done in a couple of steps. What is needed first is approaching a Depository Participant (DP) else an agent of depository and then proceed to filling up a form for account opening. When submitting the form, you also need to provide photocopies of various types of documents to show proof of address and identity.

The next step is to proceed to signing an agreement with a DP, in which you will be given a list of rules and regulations to be followed. After this an account will be opened after which you will get a Demat account number. Whenever you make a purchase or sale of securities, the transaction will be reflected in this account.

Before opening a Demat account, you need to check if the brokerage for it is low cost.  It is to be noted that if holdings in the account is less than Rs.500, you don’t have to make any annual maintenance payments on it. However when the value of the holdings goes beyond Rs.5000 then the charges is Rs.100 per year.

All the investment that you make into not just shares but also exchange traded funds, bonds, government securities, bonds, mutual funds etc are held in it. Hence in a single place you can put all your investment which makes it easy for you to monitor them and also trade in them as and when required. The account can be accessed online at any time and from any location. Having a Demat account eliminates the problems that happen when you carry out trade through paper document such as damage, fake documentation, lack of proper delivery etc.


There is a wide variety of courses that one can opt for after completing the graduation degree. Usually these diploma courses add valuable skills and knowledge to the student who is looking to get into a good job. Some of the well-known diploma courses one can opt for after a graduation degree include:


This diploma helps individuals in exploring the industry insights and core skills that are required to have a fulfilling career in business administration. This diploma helps in differentiating between a professionally-qualified administration specialist and an entry-level employee. Diplomas in business administration have gained a lot of value because of the requirement of administrators at the core of every business operation.


An individual who has completed a diploma in construction management after a graduation degree in Civil Engineering is in high demand in the market. Such an individual daily supervises multiple tasks related to construction and ensure that all the tasks take place in a coordinated manner. Such an individual is usually well-equipped with skills in maintenance, expansion, and enhancements of buildings. Moreover, this is one of the best diploma courses after degree.


If an individual has a passion in fashion design, he or she should complete a diploma in it because a career in fashion design is very lucrative by nature. This course helps individuals to gain a proper understanding of the world of a high-profile fashion designer. Some of the modules are designed in such a way that allows individuals to bridge the gap between an amateur and a professional fashion designer. This course is considered to be one of the most lucrative diploma courses after degree.


This diploma allows students to discover how different components of logistics and supply chain play a key role in the daily running of a firm. A diploma in this field is highly sought after because people who have this degree usually function with high level of precision. A supply chain manager is usually required to supervise purchase-related activities and at certain times is also required to audit multiple number of vendors.

There are other courses that one can opt for after a degree, like in marketing, risk management, psychology, beauty therapy, hotel management, tourism and travel, and human resource management. And, it is best to opt for a diploma in a field in which the student has completed his/her graduation degree in.

Find The Best Demat Account For Beginners In Online Trading

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If you are new to stock trading then you should tarde carefully in small amounts and take smaller risks. You should learn the trading skills to trade online. You can also trade through a broker.If you are new to stock trading then you should tarde carefully in small amounts and take smaller risks. You should learn the trading skills to trade online. You can also trade through a broker.

To trade online you need a demat and a trading account. The trading account is held by the broker and the demat account is opened in the depository. The brokers who offer depositories services have the authority to open the demat account. To open the account you have to approach a broker.

You have to fill an account opening form to open the account. You get the from couriered to you for a fee. You can request the form online and get it via email. Most of the brokers offer the facility to print the form the portal. The documents to be submitted with the form are a copy PAN card, address proof, a coloured passport sized photograph, a cancelled cheque and last six months bank statement.

The account is available to you within three working days from receiving the account opening form. The exchange requires the brokers to do an in-person verification check for which you have to be present. Once you have the demat account you can trade online in equity, currency, futures and options and commodity.

There is a fee for opening the account. The broker may charge like Rs. 400 for opening a equity and currency account and Rs. 200 for commodity trading account.

How to choose an online broker?

The online broker offers the trading platform to trade online. There are a few points to consider before choosing the online broker. You should check for the following to find the best demat account for beginners.

  • The trading platform offered should be user friendly. It should allow fast transactions. Check if the broker offers trading platforms across trade, mobile and browser.
  • The brokerage to be paid should be affordable. There should be different brokerage plans for the different trading needs.
  • There should be support offered through phone, email and chat. The support should be available anytime.
  • The experience the broker has in trading is important. You should make sure your investments are in the right hands.
  • The broker should never trade on your behalf without your knowledge.
  • The broker should offer the highest intraday exposure.
  • The broker should offer online trading tools to help you trade. You should check if the broker offers online trading app.

Your Go-To Guide For An Adventurous Weekend Getaway

1 day outing in Bangalore

When it comes to Bangalore it definitely bears a testimonial to the suave culture of India. It is also filled with places where one could go for a one-day trip which becomes the perfect weekend getaway. The pleasant climate of Bangalore all year round makes it a great destination for tourists.

Check out where you can go for one-day outing in Bangalore

  • Nature camp, Kanakapura – Located at about 50kms from Bangalore this nature camp is the perfect place for people who is looking for a bit of adventure during the weekend. It is situated in the Banantimari Forest. What makes it such a great camping site is the fact that it is surrounded by forest on all side with a lake and a mountain in the close proximity to the camp. There are other adventurous activities that include rock climbing, canoeing, zip lining, etc
  • Ramanagaram – This is famously known as the Silk city of India because of all the cocoon and silk industries that are located in this city. This is a well-renowned place and a great place for one day outing in Bangalore. This is situated at about 50kms from Bangalore and is a great picnic spot with family and friends.
  • Kunti Betta – If you have never been on a night trek then pack your bags and head for it right now at Kunti Betta. This definitely can be one of the best weekend trips from Bangalore. The town of Pandavapura is encompassed by two large hills and overlooking the scenic Pandavapura Lake is where we find Kunti Betta. This place is situated at about 123 kms from Bangalore.
  • Nandi Hills – This place is about 60kms from Bangalore and is rather one of the most prominent places for a one day outing in Bangalore. This is the perfect place for a summer retreat since one can see a splendid sunset or sunrise from the top of these hills. This place is perfect for bird watching and photography since the forests located at these hills shelter many migratory birds throughout the year.
  • Savandurga – If you are looking for a place to have some adventure, then this is the perfect one for you. Located at about 50kms from Bangalore, this place is the perfect treat for the rock climbing enthusiast.