Different Types Of 3D Printed Jewelry And Their Characteristics

3D Printed Jewelry

The jewelry is said to be the first love of all women and even many men love to wear various ornaments to make themselves more attractive. But the modern generation want everything to be different from the traditional types, which is the same in case of their choice of jewelries. Thus, their love for modern technology leads to the ornaments created by the use of 3 D printing, which is a latest discovery in the field of arts. The expensive metals, like gold, silver, bronze or brass are widely used for creating these jewelry pieces.

Various categories of 3D printed jewelries available in the market

Special Rings – Usually, the unique wedding rings are available in gold and silver, created with exclusive designs. The silver chain is attached in the shape of a cross inside the white gold ring, or a cubic cross form, with a bright gemstone in the middle form the ideal 3D printed wedding rings. Apart from wedding, people love to buy special 3D printed jewelry pieces; like Tiger ring or Horse ring that looks like the face of a tiger or horse, Eye ring where a glittering stone forms the pupil of the eye-shaped ring. Granule band ring of silver is also loved by both trendy men and women.

Pendants – Lovely frost pendant, made of shining silver are created by 3D technology; whereas beautiful Heart-shaped pendant is created from brass wires and unique Tree pendant is manufactured from steel that looks like the cross section of a tree. These 3D printed pendants have become heartthrobs of the young generation now. The stylish girls also love some special 3D printed jewelry designs, like a tusk-shaped pendant that is yellow gold plated over brass.

Cufflinks – The fashionable men love to wear the 3D printed cufflinks of latest designs; like in the form of beetles that are made of gold; or in the form of golden butterflies, on the sleeves of their expensive coats.

Earrings – The earrings are often created as a set with the pendants and in the miniature form of the 3D printed designs that are used in manufacturing those pendants. But separate earrings are also available that are made in different abstract designs, from gold or silver.

Bracelets – The bracelet is a jewelry that is widely created from gold, silver and brass, in varieties of designs. This form of 3D printed jewelry can be in the shape of twisted rope from 14k white gold, or in the form of intertwined laurel leaves from silver or 18k gold, making the wearer proud of herself.

5 Excellent Corporate Gifts You Can Buy Online

Corporate Gifts Online

When you are working in a corporate environment, you must always maintain a balance between your personal, professional life. One of the hardest decisions to take when working in a firm is when we want to gift something to our colleagues, bosses or even our juniors.

It is extremely important to choose a corporate gift wisely, taking into account the corporate environment you are working in. While you want your gift to be unique and heartfelt, you cannot cross the line of the corporate environment and gift something that is too personal or causal.

Due to the advancement of technology, it is now possible to log on to the web and order your unique corporate gifts online. Here are some ideas for when you need to buy corporate gifts online.

Corporate gifts to show gratitude to your co-workers, employees or seniors:

A personalized pen set- This is the best example of a gift that has both utility as well as a personalized touch. Whether you are buying this gift for your co-worker, boss or employees, a personalized monogrammed pen is always a welcome present.

A handy power bank- Professional people usually use gadgets like smart phone, iPhone etc which run many applications and battery can drain anytime on the run. This is one of the common problems faced by people every day. So, gifting a power bank as a gift can be one of the most functional and handy gifts you can give.

Smart watch- Smart watches can function as miniature smart phones. With dozens of new models coming out in the market at extremely competitive prices, gifting a smart watch can be an excellent choice for those who want to purchase corporate gifts online.

USB or pen drives- What better a gift can you give to someone in your office than something they will be able to use every day for work? A jazzy looking pen drive can be one of the best corporate gifts to give.

Books- while this can be one of the most underrated corporate gifts, it is certainly one of the most personal and loved gifts you can give your employees.

Buy the best online corporate gifts

There are hundreds of stores you can visit to hunt for the ideal corporate gift. In this day and age of technology, why even step out? Log onto your browser and search through web pages to find ideal online corporate gifts which you can have delivered straight to your office!

Five Amazing Ideas For Personalized Birthday Gifts

Personalised Birthday Gifts

When it comes to choosing a birthday gift for our near and dear ones, we often end up being confused. Even though there are plenty of options available in the gift stores, but we all look for some kind of uniqueness in a gift item. In this case, personalization is no doubt the best idea available. Personalized gifts allow you to include elements of your choice, and you can choose the elements as per the taste of the special person.

Nowadays, if you browse through the web world, you will get some really interesting ideas, and the concept of 3D printed gift items is definitely getting a lot of attention and popularity. There are many ways in which 3D printing technology can be used for coming up with personalized birthday gifts. Below are some of the coolest ideas for personalized birthday gifts that you can consider.

Personalised Birthday Gifts

Personalized birthday gifts one cannot ignore

  • Digital picture frames– Photo frames have always been one of the best gifting items. With the advancement of technology, even the photo frames have been digitalized, and this new form is absolutely impressive. You can get the picture frame customized easily.
  • 3D printed gaming characters– No doubt, kids love playing video games, and they have their favourite gaming characters. With the help of 3D printing technology, you can bring your favourite game character to life as personalized toys.. It will surely make your child extremely happy on his or her birthday.
  • Jewellery– Bracelets, pendant, nose pin, etc. can be customized very easily, and you can make them look more special by including personal touch to them. Again, 3D printing technology has added a lot of wow factor to the market of personalized birthday gifts.
  • Monogrammed glassware– If you want to gift something to your friend on his birthday then a set of wine glasses with monogram finish can be an excellent choice.
  • Birthstone jewellery– There is a birthstone for each month, and you can choose the suitable one for your loved ones.

Get customized birthday gifts online

There is no dearth of online stores from where you can purchase customized birthday gifts for your loved ones. When browsing through the online stores, it would be better to go with the idea of 3D printing services. Such kind of online gift stores can provide you tons of beautiful options to choose from. No doubt, 3D printed gifts can be really special.