What’s Special About Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards?

Hindu Wedding Invitation

Hindu Wedding Invitation | Image Resource : sevenpromises.com 

In Hindu culture, marriages are seen as bond not only for this particular life, yet for all lives. Similar the Hindu society, Hindu marriages are also a sign of religious traditions and customs. A Hindu marriage is a three to five days long function with a lot of entertaining rituals and functions. The Hindu marriage invitations also tend to symbolize the same holy spirit of Hindu tradition.

The Hindu marriage invitations are enriched with many religious motifs and signs which are regarded auspicious and sacred for a marriage function. Aside from being eye-catching and enchanting, these patterns and designs have spiritual as well as religious importance. Besides, they also develop the elegant of Hindu marriage invitations. Here are some factors of regarding the Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards that you need to consider. Let’s have a look.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards – Factors to Consider

Intricate work:

Intricate detailing will be seen on these Hindu invitations, creating the design patterns on the invitation a quality blend of artistic elegance and style. Now a day, letterpress wedding invitations are quite in the fashion. This style matches Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards due to the intricate designing and detailing innate in it.

Exquisite Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards designs:

Many invitations carry typical designs from classic Indian art which was has been seen in earlier Indian palaces. Few of these designs are even noticed on Indian sarees, the traditional dress of women. Patterns could contain designs of peacocks, leaves or peacock feathers, to name a few instances.

Color combinations:

Hindu wedding invitations are very vibrant. In fact, it’s common to notice certain combinations emerging and coming back in these cards. For example, saffron, yellow, turmeric, cream, gold, and red are recurring shades as they specify plenty and happiness. It’s said that the latest design patterns also merge white with green or red to give breathtaking designs. Conclusively, traditional Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards are as vibrant and varied as Indian landscape itself.


Hindu wedding invitations in general along Indian cards in particular look very rich. In some instances, intricate designing’s are merged with rich shades to give this effect. But in many cases, Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards may be decorated with decorations items like mirror work, peacock feathers, Kundan stones and so on.

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards

Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards | Image Resource : picture-cdn.wheretoget.it 

Various elements of Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards


Turmeric represents purity, auspicious and happiness beginning of the sacred event. In Hindu tradition, the Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards are first done marking with turmeric and then sent out to the visitors. The groom and the bride are also enhanced with turmeric to make them completely pure before the marriage function. It has religious uses, and medicinal ability and the yellow shade of Haldi is the sign of devotion in Hindu wedding.

Chawal and sindoor:

Chawal and sindoor are regarded highly promising in the Hindu tradition. In Hindu marriage, marriage invitations are marked with chawal and sindoor and offered to a deity to create the wedding blessed and holy. The red shaded sindoor signifies the beginning of a holy function and white shaded chawal signifies purity, innocence, and peace.

Lord Ganesha:

It’s regarded as a deity of education and wealth. In this culture, the Lord Ganesha is honored first to eliminate all the obstructions and hurdles before beginning an auspicious function like a wedding. Due to this reason, Lord Ganesha is utilized on the Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards, with the belief that the god Ganesha will create the marriage successful and hurdle free.

Tips To Find Beautiful Hindu Marriage Invitation Cards

A good marriage invitation company blends the finest of modern and tradition convenience. It packages anew motifs tha you’ll find at the local store and delivers them in the timely and smart way. You get an invitation in a classic design pattern, printed utilizing the finest items and delivered properly at your doorstep, therefore saving your precious times at the printers. For this reason, why many people is choosing the availability of a best online invitation company.

When it’s the matter of an invitation company, you want to obtain an invitation that’s designed according to holy customs in which marriage are to be held. At quality Invitation Company, you can make out invitation designs which symbolize all the main Indian traditional from Hindu to Christian, to Sikh, to Islamic. The company ensures that the classic motifs of theses divinity are symbolized in their specific invitations.

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