Funny One Liners On T-shirts for Men

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Sense of humour is one of the key assets that make a human personality. Your choice of t-shirts should reveal your superior intelligence and whacky sense of humour. T-shirts with impressive and brain teasing one liners are very popular these days. Check out some cool options of t-shirt sayings and how they can create an impression on your mates.

Education is Important, Big Biceps are Importanter’

This saying on a t-shirt truly impressed me. It shows how lack of education can actually ruin your language. It reveals to people that while making biceps are important, language and the way you speak or communicate impact most of your relations. They have a much greater impact than a perfect body. This is a great and subtle way to express your love for education. It is a great pick for casual outings this summer.

‘You Look Really Funny Doing That With Your Head’

The impact of the way the saying is placed on the t-shirt is known best with t-shirts like this one. Here as the saying is placed side ways, most readers are bound to tilt their head in a peculiar fashion that looks truly funny. Go for it if you enjoy watching your friends twist and turn to read what is written on your smart summer t-shirt. You may choose some cool shade like blue or green as these look smart for summer season.

Opt For Customised T-shirts

If you are not impressed by the t-shirt collections in different online retail stores, you can even choose to have your t-shirt designed all by yourself. There are retailers who would provide you an option to get t-shirt for men customised. Just make sure you pick the right shade, design and saying so that it makes you smart and appealing.