Gold Nanorods With Its Impressing Features!

Gold is a very precious and important metal with its amazing qualities and usage in various industries apart from considered for jewelry. With the advent of the nano technology, it has been creating revolution in different fields.

With the help of the nano technology and using it on gold, has resulted in the new invention Gold nanorods (GNRs). The properties of this metal when combined with the excellent features of this technology provide us with an elixir to many problems.

Gold nanorods : Another step towards the future in cure for cancer!

The GNRs are famous for their absorption and scattering features. They also show optical properties that absorb and emit light. As a result to this feature, the GNRs are widely used in diseased tissues to diagnose and destroy the cancerous cells.

Due to their EPR effect, the GNRs accumulate in the tumor tissue to large extent, due to leaky tumor blood vasculature. They can be applied in finding the tumor cells and destroying the same combining it along with the infra red waves.

They are also known as a good contrasting agent in finding out the cancerous cells when combined with antibodies. These nano rods absorb light at a wavelength of 800 nano meter. This makes them chemically sensitive and can be used in chemical sensors.

With the photo thermal effect they are known for being therapeutic agents and drug delivery vehicles. Being of high surface area, it helps in higher solubility of drugs which would require only 1/100 th of the dose of the normal drug. This means the drug description can be done with minimal dose and there by getting rid of side effects due to high dosage.

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